X-TRA Eagles Trivia [April A2Z]

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You may wonder why I haven’t used any pics of the Eagles band on my Eagles posts… that’s because I don’t like any of the early ones I’ve seen. There are some good individual pics and some nice album art, but their group shots from the 1970s are all meh. You can google them up if you want. I’m sticking with my actual eagle and sometimes a pic to illustrate a theme, like broken hearts or sexy shoes. This isn’t about me though, so let me tell you which Eagle I find the handsomest: it’s Don Henley of course. Glenn Frey (RIP) looked pretty hot in those ads for a gym he did, and Don Felder is kinda sexy at times, but Don Henley is the one for me. He’s 74 now and has aged well, doncha think so?

Don Henley
From usatoday.com

Henley had a hard time for a while after the Eagles breakup in 1980. He almost died in a plane crash, drank heavily, and used poor judgment re parties, etc. But he got himself together and returned to doing what he does best: making music. Frey had already put out a solo album in 1982 titled No Fun Aloud, which earned him a gold record. He had 6 hits in 6 years, and 2 of his songs were used on the TV show Miami Vice, which gave him a boost. Frey also acted in a couple series and had a part in the movie Jerry Maguire, which stars my other honey Tom Cruise. [Note to self: watch this movie already!]. Don had some catching up to do.

In late 1981, Henley hit the charts at No. 6 with “Leather and Lace,” his beautiful duet with Stevie Nicks. His first solo album I Can’t Stand Still (1982) included the smash hit “Dirty Laundry” (his attack on the media), and his second album Building the Perfect Beast (1984) gave us “The Boys of Summer” and “All She Wants to Do Is Dance.” They both peaked in the top 10. Henley had more modest success with later solo albums, but his final top 10 solo score (9) surpassed Frey’s (7) and Joe Walsh’s (2). Not that we’re keeping score (woohoo!).


Speaking of Walsh, Professor Longhair might be interested to know that in 1998 Guitarist Magazine picked Walsh’s guitar solo for “Hotel California” as the best guitar solo of all time. Walsh has been married to Marjorie Bach, sister of Barbara Bach (wife of Ringo Starr), since 2008. She is his fifth wife (Source VergeWiki). 


Don Felder
From Don Felder @ Twitter

Gibson named two guitars after Don Felder ~ the “Don Felder Hotel California 1959 Les Paul” and the “Don Felder Hotel California EDS-1275.” Don Felder got fired from the band in 2001, began a solo career, and commenced lawsuits against Henley and Frey; they countersued. Felder is quoted as saying he felt terrible after Frey’s death over the fact that they had never put their differences aside.


On Jimmy Buffett’s 1985 album Last Mango in Paris, Glenn Frey made a vocal cameo at the end of the song he co-wrote with Buffett, “Gypsies in the Palace.”

Timothy B. Schmit gets a cowriting credit on another track in that same album ~ “Desperation Samba (Halloween in Tijuana),” along with Jimmy Buffett and Will Jennings. Small world!


The Eagles had some good-natured rivalry with Steely Dan due to SD’s lyric “Turn up the Eagles, the neighbors are listening” in their 1976 song “Everything You Did.” Apparently, Walter Becker’s girlfriend drove him nuts by playing the Eagles all the time (Glenn Frey said so), so Becker referenced that in a line. It obviously wasn’t a diss, as they shared a manager, and future Eagle Timothy B. Schmit contributed backing vocals on that album (The Royal Scam) as well as Aja. But the Eagles got even in “Hotel California” with their “stab it with their steely knives” line.

Speaking of California, the Eagles are thought of as a California band, but! Only Mr. Schmit was actually born in the Golden State.


The Eagles 1994 reunion album Hell Freezes Over has sold over 9 million copies; the 3-year tour ended up as one of the most financially successful tours in the history of rock music, setting records at each stop along the way. This is kinda ironic given that Frey was quoted in 1982 in People magazine as saying: “I just rule out the possibility of putting the Eagles back together for a Lost Youth and Greed tour.” But um… yeah. (Info source and below pic credit to Ultimate Classic Rock.) Yep, I finally found a photo of the band that I like!

Eagles - Hell Freezes Over
Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmit, Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Don Felder

Here’s “Get Over It” from that tour. Sorry if it ends up disappearing; I couldn’t find an official version. Ye gods, it has disappeared a week after I scheduled the post. Sorry.

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  5. Fascinating facts about one of my favorite groups.

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  6. There was a New Orleans singer and pianist named Professor Longhair, but I didn’t think that you were referring to him.

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  7. I love “Get Over It”. Fortunately, I am one of the 9 million that bought “When Hell Freezes Over” so I can listen on my own. And yes, Don Henley is easy on the eyes.

    Also, Joe Walsh’s “Life’s Been Good” is my ringtone. Back in my Cali life, I’d wonder which limo I’d see on Sunset Blvd. was the one he was locked in. 😂

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