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I mentioned on Facebook that the Wordle fiends friends I had snoozed for a month were back in my feed, and a lively (though so far civil) discussion ensued. My main issue with Wordle is that once I start, I can’t stop, and this is true for a lot of things. Some say that Wordle occurs only once per day, which is true… unless you find the archive.

It’s not only that I’ll play a million games of Wordle though… I will soon get a craving to play Quordle and Octordle and Worldle and Heardle and etc. etc. etc. Soon all my free time will be gobbled up with games. I have deleted the games on my phone (again) for the same reason ~ there are infinite ways to waste time on them, and I manage to find them all.

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In response to this, a friend said: “But if you’re really worried that Wordle is a ’gateway drug’ to being addicted to all the others, well… I can think of a whole lot worse things to be addicted to!” That friend is Davida Chazan aka The Chocolate Lady, and she has a fabulous blog dedicated to book reviews. Have you checked it out? You should! I’ll wait here.

But yeah… games are addictive for me. It’s hard for me to walk past any type of quiz or mental challenge my friends are engaged in without stopping to try it myself. That’s why I banished Wordle from view ~ I didn’t want to be tempted to dive into it again. So far, I’ve been OK. That month away appears to have killed my desire to participate, which is also true of many other things I once did.

As far as worse things go, yep… been there too. But if I want to have time to catch up on my reading, finish the novels I’ve begun, and watch the movies I’ve missed, then I can’t allow Wordle, Solitaire, Happy Color, etc. to swallow up my free time. I still will play real games with friends in meatspace, but that’s different and those aren’t addictive.

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  1. Since I retired I’ve found that playing the occasional game is good for keeping my brain active, and Wordle is now a part of my daily routine. As you say, there are worse things than games to be addicted to. In my case it is probably music, which is why I kept expecting Joe South to appear at some point in this post, with a title like that 😂

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  2. I have decided not to even try Wordle. I know I’d be hooked!

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  3. They sure are addictive, but mostly harmless unless it’s preventing you doing something else 🙂

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  4. It’s the same for me so I stay away from any new games.

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  5. Cute! And thanks for the shout out to my blog!

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  6. I was going to say…this is Alan Parsons Project, not the Beagles. 🙂

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  7. Without actually thinking about it, I have never played any Internet games at all, this whole time. Not that Candy-whatever or the bird-thing, or any of those; I guess I’m just no fun. When I was a kid, I think my favorite board game was Sorry, which probably says something about my tortured, pre-pubescent angst– but I love playing (real) Scrabble, the kind where you just go find a (real) dictionary and declare it to be the authority. Not for awhile though, now that I think of it. I used to be formidable, and since I don’t have to prove it, I’m going to stand by that statement.

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    • I too enjoy real Scrabble and other board games in person. Occasionally I play games over Zoom (Taboo, Code Names, etc.), but it’s not nearly as fun, except I get to see some distant peeps that way. Not everyone gets addicted to phone games, but they really suck me in, so I have to avoid them all unless I’m OK with my free time being consumed that way, which I’m not!


  8. I plan to stay away from that game because it would become a huge time suck for me.

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  9. I refuse to try it because I know I wouldn’t be able to stop.

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