The Cynic

scary skeleton

I was feeling particularly cynical when it came to tonight’s event. “Honestly, Chloe,” I said to my friend, “this whole thing seems like such a useless waste of time.”

“Don’t be so melodramatic, Lisa.” Chloe flashed me a determined smile. “This medium is said to be extremely talented, and I really need to talk to my cousin and get closure.”

“Fine.” I rolled my eyes as the Uber driver dropped us off at a nondescript little house with cracked stucco siding and dead flowers lining the walkway. “Guess she’s not so great at communing with plants,” I muttered.

“Come on!” Chloe ushered me through the door and into the parlor where a group of people sat around a table draped in black linen.

Everything was such a cliché, including the medium herself ~ an older woman dressed in purple layers with an elegant turban and a million bejeweled accessories. “Welcome,” she said to us as she dimmed the lights. “I feel there is a skeptic among us this evening.”

I tried to keep my face neutral, for I was reticent about revealing any emotions or information to these strangers, but the medium homed in on me and nodded. “Lisa, I am so glad you’re joining us. I’ve been waiting for you and so has someone else.”

What? I felt a cold draft and then something crackled and sparked, like from a fireplace, except there wasn’t one.

The medium’s face twisted into a hideous grimace and from her mouth came my first husband’s voice, “I know that you murdered me, Lisa.”

“I knew it!” Chloe screamed. “Oh my darling, Jeremy, don’t worry. I will avenge you!”

Holy crap! I hadn’t realized he’d been cheating on me as well as dumping our life savings at the track. “HE DESERVED IT!” I yelled at her, jumped up, and ran outside.

But there were a whole bunch of cops surrounding the house… and that’s my story of how they tricked me into confessing.

©️2022 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter 43.

19 responses to “The Cynic

  1. You always have these brilliant twists in all your stories. i didn’t see the set up coming.

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  2. This story was well done definitely and maybe a bit rare, but a small medium should always be largely ignored.

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  3. Very funny, although if she has a good lawyer, she might go free as I can’t see that as being a legal way of getting a confession (they addressed this in a slightly different way in an episode of Sherlock). 😉

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  4. Brilliant! I just loved it! xo

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  5. Haha! A very clever trick.

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  6. Whoops! I bet she regrets that visit to the medium. LOL

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  7. A tale well told, Paula. 👍

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  8. Nice job Paula. I did not see that coming at all.

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  9. A twist worthy of Agatha Christy

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