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Puzzle pieces

In this week’s episode of Throwback Thursday, Maggie asks about objects or places we miss having in our lives. Since that excludes people, I won’t write about my mom (or dad) again. They’re always on my mind though, especially in Spring when the dates come up for birthdays, death anniversaries, etc. And of course Mother’s Day is coming soon…

I miss doing huge jigsaw puzzles (besides the fact that I did them with my mom). These days I don’t have space to dedicate to a puzzle, nor will my back appreciate hunching over a table as I look for that elusive piece. On that note, I miss doing crafts generally. I don’t have the space to store supplies, nor do I want to spend money on them even if I could make room. As far as needlework, my eyes aren’t what they used to be, and after staring at the screen all day at work they just say no to counting stitches. I do have painting supplies, but I hate the results so much I haven’t bothered in months. Also, I end up hunching over when I paint, which my back does not like. Before anyone suggests an easel, my back also protests at standing in one spot for too long.

It’s not as though I pine away for these things. I miss them lightly and most days not at all.

shrug woman

Scrapbooking was tons of fun ~ Lauren’s A-Z posts this month remind me how much I enjoyed creating the pages. I have a dozen or so books that I revisit from time to time. But those days have passed, and while I get an occasional impulse to do a collage of the grands or kitties, I definitely do not have the urge to run out and buy supplies. Printing photos is relatively cheap, but the books and paper and all that add up quickly. It is nicer to have the books though than to search my phone for photos.

I don’t really miss “things” I’ve dumped. I used to have tons of books and all sorts of knickknacks, but I downsized (a few times) and threw out or donated most of my collections. I rarely if ever think about those items. I’ve also tossed out zillions of shoes, which ~ OK ~ I miss a little. It was nice to be able to wear cute heels with an outfit and not worry that my back would hurt in an hour.

red shoes

There are places I miss having in my life. I sometimes miss Chicago. I lived right next to Lake Michigan, and I could go out and take a nice long walk along the shore by myself. (Not when it was 40 below, obviously!) Now, I need to drive to the beach for a shore walk and it’s often crowded and a hassle. There were other good things about the city (back then), such as great public transportation and a bunch of stuff to do all conveniently located in one area ~ restaurants, movies, museums, etc. Out here in SoCal, most events require a significant car trip… and I hate driving.

I miss some restaurants like The Good Earth and Jerry’s Deli, both of which used to be nearby in Costa Mesa. I miss when things weren’t so crowded and you didn’t have to reserve a place in advance. I miss when the price of gas was only $4.99/gallon!

Most of all, I miss my fabulous memory and test-taking ability…

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21 responses to “Things I Miss

  1. I miss my books. Now I’m overseas I can’t just get a bunch from the library and read them. And…cups of tea with soy milk. I got to really like soy milk and tea is so homey and comforting, but they don’t really get it in Europe 😒

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  2. One of my recurring if-I-had-the-money fantasies is a room with a huge table I can do (and leave) a huge jigsaw puzzle on.

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  3. Where did you love in Chicago? You said right next to Lake Michigan. I lived near Loyola University in Rogers Park, right on the lake…

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  4. I don’t miss many things but I do miss certain places that remind me of loved ones.

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  5. A lot of stuff to miss but also a lot of downsizing which is always good! Clearing clutter is something I need to do too soon!

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  6. I do miss certain things but I don’t long for them. My family and dear friends are a different matter. Space is a big issue for me, too. Thanks for joining in Paula.

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  7. Thanks for joining in Paula. I admire people who don’t get frustrated by puzzles. I’ve yet to enjoy completing one. I know what you mean about not missing things you’ve decluttered.
    I guess I broke the rules and did write about missing friends. One of my goals is to use up the majority of my scrapbooking supplies before I move. I don’t want to move tons of “stuff.” I have decluttered almost all of my house. My scrapbooking room is the last on my list. I’ve donated tons, now I hope to use up lots and lots.

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  8. I miss living at the beach. I was 2 blocks from the shore and 3 blocks from the main street. Everything was walking distance, and I love the ocean.
    No way I could afford even a shed now. Everything has been bought up for vacation rentals☹

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