Run (The Long Run) [April A2Z]

Urban sunrise city running snow

I used to hurry a lot
I used to worry a lot
I used to stay out ’til the break of day

Welcome to my April A-Z! I’m exploring songs by the fabulous Eagles and today’s feature is “The Long Run,” which was written by Don Henley and Glenn Frey (RIP) for their 1979 album of the same name. The single reached No. 8 on Billboard Hot 100 in early 1980. Two other singles released from the album were “Heartache Tonight” (hit No. 1) and “Can’t Tell You Why” (also ended up at No. 8).

You can go the distance
We’ll find out in the long run
(In the long run)
We can handle some resistance
If our love is a strong one
(Is a strong one)

Henley says that the song was written as a response to comments in the media that called the Eagles “passé” as disco and punk came on the music scene. He also acknowledged that the lyrics were ironic as well, since the band was on the verge of breaking up, due to the pressure of trying to follow up Hotel California. Happily, “The Long Run” was praised by music critics, and the album itself was certified 7x platinum, so all was well (for a minute).

People talkin’ about us
They got nothin’ else to do
When it all comes down
We will still come through

Don Henley sang lead vocals on this song, as well as playing drums. Frey provided rhythm guitar and backing vocals; Walsh was on slide guitar (backing vocals); Felder played slide guitar, Hammond organ, and did backing vocals; and Schmit provided bass guitar and backing vocals. Joe Vitale was on electric piano. (Source: Wikipedia)

E-trivia: The Long Run was originally intended to be a double album, but the group was too wrung out emotionally and creatively to come up with that many songs. This would be the Eagles last album for Asylum records and also their last studio album until 2007.

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  1. Great music and great times

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  2. The eagles had a long run and I wish that they could have kept going.

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  3. This song puts me right back in my car, cruising Sunset Blvd (read: riding the clutch in bumper to bumper traffic). My work/college commute had a great soundtrack.

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  4. blindzanygirl

    That got my feet twitching

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  5. I like the song, but it’s not one of my faves😲 Shocking, I know. I’ll just sit in the corner now😔

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  6. What can I say – I love Eagles songs! 🙂

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