Lunch [fss]

Sea lion

Jack got that all too familiar sick feeling in the pit of his stomach when he finished the last piece of his lunch. Oh no, he thought, and retched it all back up on the rocks.

I told you so!” Sally barked.

Freakin’ sea lions, Jack grumbled to himself. Always think they know everything. But he had to be nice to Sally because she knew where the choice trout hung out. “You were right. Again,” he admitted. “That was a disgusting human, not one of the piquant seals I love.”

Sally nodded and lionsplained. “It’s easy for you sharks to mistake one for the other. The humans look a little like seals in those wetsuits, and let’s face it, you guys don’t have the best judgment. But I’m sorry your lunch is ruined, Jack. I’ll help you find some trout for dinner later, for I am an expert fish finder. Try not to get in any trouble for the next few hours.”

Jack rolled his eyes and stared at the seabirds winging across the sky. If only he could be freed from this watery hell and grab up some delicious land food, like a goat or a golden retriever, mmm. Oh well. He dove back into the depths.

A lost baby tuna approached him. “Pardon the imposition. Do you know the way to San Francisco?”

Jack gave her his best shark smile. “Follow me.”

©️2022 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter.

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  1. I am never going into the ocean again wearing a wetsuit. Are you sure that the lost baby tuna wasn’t trying to get to San Jose?

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  2. Lol. scary scary stuff hahaha 😀

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  3. Lionsplaining—love it!

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  4. I liked “lionsplaining” too.

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  5. Nothing like a wise guide to help you find the goodies.

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  6. Made me laugh Paula 🙂

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  7. Lol! Great story Paula

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  8. Aw! 🐟🐡 naughty old 🦈. Poor gullible tuna. It’s the ‘Circle of Life” ain’t it though? I LOVED this!

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