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E.M. continues her Sunday Ramble series by asking about vacations. While I love having a long weekend to kick back or just a random day off work for me-time, I’m not a huge fan of extensive travel. I enjoy any chance to visit my daughters, of course, who are both (thankfully) now in reasonable driving distance, but in general I don’t make big travel plans. First, it’s massively expensive; second, I dislike having my routines disrupted; and third, I don’t want to leave my kitty for more than a night or two. That said, after I retire and Gatsby has rainbow-bridged, I’d like to see more of the US, if it makes sense at the time (i.e., if I’m not in so much back pain I can barely walk).

1. When at the ocean, do you want to be in it, on it, or just look at it? (If you don’t like visiting the ocean, what is a hobby you enjoy on vacation or in general?)

I live near the ocean, and I love seeing it. Love taking beach pics too. Beach walks and beach-sits are great with me. While I don’t mind getting my feet wet sometimes, I’m not a strong swimmer, so I don’t go fully into the waves. I’m lucky to live in a resort-like setting in SoCal, so it’s easy to find peaceful and beautiful spots to walk/relax/photograph.

2. Have you ever surfed or gone snorkeling?

No. I do not snorkel, surf, ski, snowboard, ride motorcycles, hang-glide, climb mountains, or otherwise traipse about in the wilderness where there might be bears, snakes, mountain lions, etc. I don’t get the thrill of these activities, plus I am clumsy AF and would hurt myself if I attempted anything the least bit athletic.

3. When traveling, do you experiment with the local dining experience or pack a picnic/cook for yourself and anyone with you?

OK, so I do not experiment with dining. Experiments are for science labs when you’re wearing protective gear. Have you noticed yet that I’m not about trying new things? Well, then! I want food I already like and have no desire to try some weird exotic delicacy. I’d rather eat at McDonald’s than nibble on some purple grasshopper salad or whatever thing. And, no, I don’t cook anything. Why would I cook on vacation when I don’t do it normally?

4. What is your biggest pet peeve when traveling?

Leaving my house.

5. Are you someone who takes a lot of photos on vacation? If so, you can share your favorite vacation photos. (If not, share your favorite vacation story.)

Yes, I take lots of photos in general, not so much “look, I’ve been here!” pics of signs and stuff, but more like pretty scenery, flowers, food, etc. Here is a collage of some I took in NorCal last Thanksgiving. The sunflower is from a coloring set.

family thanksgiving alameda dogs

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9 responses to “Vacation Rambles

  1. I do like watching the ocean, although I don’t get to do it often. I also like watching the River Thames, which I do slightly more often, but not much.

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  2. Lovely photos. I envy your living near the ocean.

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  3. I concur with your pet peeve, lol

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  4. The only big bodies of water I’ve ever been to was in Hawaii, and the Gulf of Mexico. Amazing to see! We traveled so much in earlier years, I’m done with it. Your # 4 is exactly right! haha 🙂

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  5. Hi Paula! I enjoyed the collage and your vacation answers. It sounds like a beautiful place that you live in 🙂 I have only been down that way twice. Once on a plane and the other time on vacation with my sister in 2017. That looks like some yummy food and good times in the pictures 🙂 Thanks for rambling with me about traveling and vacations!

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