Best of My Love [April A2Z]

Couple silhouette romance

Every night i’m lyin’ in bed
Holdin’ you close in my dreams
Thinkin’ about all the things that we said
Comin’ apart at the seams
We try to talk it over
But the words come out too rough
I know you were tryin’ to give me the best of your love

Welcome to my April A-Z! I’m exploring songs by the fabulous Eagles and today’s feature is another hit from their 1974 album On the Border. “Best of My Love” was written by Don Henley, Glenn Frey, and J.D. Souther and became the band’s first No. 1 single in March 1975 on Billboard Hot 100. Billboard also ranked the song No. 12 for the year. According to Henley, most of the lyrics were written in Dan Tana’s restaurant close to the Troubadour (a nightclub in West Hollywood) ~ and Guido, the maître d’, is thanked in the liner notes. The lyrics were inspired in part by Henley’s breakup with his girlfriend Suzannah Martin (source: Wikipedia). Henley is on lead vocals in this song (and drums), Frey plays acoustic guitar, Bernie Leadon is on steel guitar, and Randy Meisner plays bass. Frey, Leadon, and Meisner also sing background vocals.

Despite their debut album’s success with London-based producer Glyn Johns, the Eagles were unhappy with Johns’ focus on country rock (and their second album Desperado), so they dumped him for Bill Szymczyk, finishing the album back in Los Angeles. Szymcyk remixed “Best of My Love,” which they’d recorded in London. Frey didn’t want to release it as a single, but Kalamazoo, MI deejay Jim Higgs began playing it off the album, and it proved more popular than previously released tracks “Already Gone” and “James Dean.” Finally, the Eagles agreed to release “Best of My Love” as a single, but Asylum Records truncated it, which angered them all over again. Moody artists, lol. Personally, I would be OK with one of my stories getting truncated if it ended up at No. 1 on the NYT bestseller list. Just for the record here.

E-trivia: Don Henley and Glenn Frey discovered their musical chemistry when they became members of Linda Ronstadt’s backup band for her 1971 tour. After the tour, they decided to form their own band with fellow backup band members Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner.

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  1. Sometimes things just don’t work out, but when you give somebody the best of your love, you have to be satisfied with that.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of The Eagles and the song’s history.

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  3. Another excellent Eagles song.

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  4. I had forgotten this one😲 Thanks for reminding me! SOOO many great songs!!
    Awesome choice for A to Z!!🎶💃🏼

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  5. It’s a good’n!

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  6. I’m not much of an Eagles fan, but this is a good song.

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  7. This story makes me even more hopeful that I’ll be able to “find my people” when I move to Kalamazoo!

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