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I still have a warm winter jacket from Chicago, and all it’s ever needed was a replacement zipper. I don’t wear it often here in SoCal, but when I do I marvel how an item was constructed so well that it’s lasted over 35 years, through many cleanings. Nowadays we throw everything away. Clothes and shoes are made cheaply and we get tired of them besides. Electronics and cars become obsolete and we’re forced to upgrade them with newer models. And it’s easy enough to pop onto a dating site and search for a replacement for your current partner.

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13 responses to “Zipper

  1. Those dating sites are nothing but trouble.

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  2. I have a leather jacket from about the same era. I also had the zipper repaired, years ago, and today it is the only middle weight jacket that I own–although it’s starting to look worn out, which, I admit, you can get away with, with a leather flight jacket. But it makes me think that 30, 40 years isn’t really that long, as these things go–we are only fooled into thinking so because manufactured items have been increasingly made to last shorter and shorter durations.

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  3. Good evaluation on how we replace things these days. Thank you for sharing.

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  4. Well *that* was an ending I didn’t see coming! 😆

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  5. There you go with those foreign words again… “winter jacket”? A zip-up hoodie? I prefer pull-over hoodies, myself. The big kangaroo pocket is so convenient 😂

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  6. Well, this is unfortunately true to some extent! 🤷‍♀️

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