Fireworks explosion
Image from the Carrot Ranch

The jungle exploded in squawks and screams as the birds beat their wings and the monkeys leaped from vine to vine. Charles absorbed the cacophony, sweat dripping down his spine, took a deep breath, and smiled. This is what he came here for, escaping the corporate madness, to become one with nature and explore the mysteries of the Amazon. He noted the vivid colors and pungent odors, taking a moment to make notes in his journal. As he slipped the book back in his pack, a lizard slithered over his boot. Silly creatures. Behind Charles, the jaguar approached silently.

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Note: I am catching up on some of the older Carrot Ranch 99-word challenges, but since these are all past the deadlines, I am linking back to the main site in the image credit.

11 responses to “Cacophony

  1. The last line is perfect! I hope Charles survives his nature trip

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  2. The Jaguar approached silently with no engine sound and brought Charles his lunch.

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  3. Oh! that last line made me jump!

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  4. There is danger in every jungle. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a corporate office or the Amazon. I always love your twists.

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