Sea Mist

sea mist
Image from the Carrot Ranch

They say this beach is haunted, and though I don’t believe it, one spring I spent every day on the sand, just in case. And there she was.

With sea mist sparkling on her skin, she reveled in the waves. Some said she seemed like a witch, with her dark hair and mysterious eyes. She kissed me under a sky strung with stars, her hands icy cold but her lips soft and warm. I held her tight.

After Midsummer’s Eve, she grew pale and small, acting like she didn’t know me at all.

During September’s dark moon, she disappeared.

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Note: I am catching up on some of the older Carrot Ranch 99-word challenges, but since these are all past the deadlines, I am linking back to the main site in the image credit.

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  1. Nice story.

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