The Interview [fss]

Man in sunglasses

As soon as he saw her enter the room, he got the distinct feeling that he should have worn a suit. But perhaps she’d be understanding. After all, he wouldn’t be wearing one on the job.

“Good afternoon,” she said, swirling into her seat in a maze of polka dots and rustling cottonlike a mom from a 1950s sitcom. “I’m Lavinia Lewis, but you shall call me Ms. Bee Haven.”

That was confusing. “You mean Bee, or Ms. Haven,” he inquired, trying to keep his tone light and friendly.

She glared at him. “Misbehaving.”

Oh, duh. He tried to save the moment by being playful. “Yes, I’m known for that.”

“You’ll need more than that to succeed here.” She was clearly Not Amused. “We expect our employees to sizzle on the stage. Take off your clothes so I can see if you measure up.

Sizzle? Out of the frying pan into the fire, he thought, but decided not to say it. Perhaps he should stick with the boring insurance job at his father’s agency after all. He reached in a coat pocket and handed her a business card. 

“Auto insurance?” She raised an eyebrow. “Are you not here for the male stripper position?”

“I am, I mean… I was.” He felt awkward and harried. “But since I’m not comfortable getting naked in front of you, I probably wouldn’t be comfortable on the stage. Sorry for the chaos. I thought I could save the day by offering you something else.” 

She sniffed. “You have nothing I want.”

“What about an extended warranty on your vehicle?”

“Get out.” She stood up. “And here’s some free advice. Next interview, wear a suit.”

©️2022 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter.

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  1. Ahahaha! I love it! The last line! Lol! πŸ˜€

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  2. Extended warranty! πŸ˜‚

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  3. Terrific story. I liked the last line too.

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  4. That was hilarious! πŸ˜‚

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  5. Great comedy! 🀣

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