Vacation Memories

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I think you can tell where this is going… maybe I don’t need to write a word. Nah. Let’s use words! In her Throwback Thursday series today, Lauren asks about our family vacation memories.

Did you and your family have regular vacations/holidays?

Yes, the three of us (Mom, Dad, me) usually had one summer vacation for 1-2 weeks, often a road trip. Sometimes we took my dad’s parents with us (gah!). Once we flew to Florida over Christmas break (shudder). They were all basically horrible experiences due to my parents’ nonstop arguing. Note that I love and miss my parents very much, but their yelling traumatized me.

Were they like most people I knew, tied to school holidays?

Yup. And it’s a tossup whether it was worse to be subjected to bullying by my nasty peer group or to be trapped in a car listening to my parents screaming over the map.

Couple argue
“We’re lost!” ”No, we’re not!”

Were vacations a big deal or just time to get away?

I guess my parents looked forward to them. I didn’t, except for the times we drove to Ohio to visit my mom’s family and I got to play with baby animals. But my dad was an NY snob and didn’t like going there. To be fair, most of the Ohio fam were terrible racists, though I didn’t care about that when I was 10 and could feed a little goatling with a bottle.

Did the whole family always travel together or did the kids go away for their own time?

I wish! No, the three of us stuck together like sticky icky glue.

Can you think back to a wonderful vacation memory that you treasure?

Sure, my mom let me buy a sexy dress in Florida when I was 12 years old and then I danced with a 23 year old guy my dad had just interviewed for a job. The 1970’s, man, crazy times.

Couple dance sunset beach
Not us, unfortunately

Were there any fiasco vacation memories you wish never happened? Were there some that you can laugh about now, but at the time were horrible?

I try to laugh about everything and/or use it in fiction or poetry. Let’s see… there was that time my dad got lost in Kansas when all he had to do was drive in a straight line across the damn state. I was nauseated all through Colorado because I was reading a romance novel in the back seat instead of looking out the window like I was supposed to. I’m sure I missed a mountain or something important. I literally remember nothing about Indiana or Pennsylvania, even though we drove across them multiple times.

Kitten pile!

Random things I enjoyed… a glass-bottomed boat ride in Florida, the alligator zoo, fried clams in Howard Johnson restaurants and blueberry pancakes for breakfast with little sausage links. All the beautiful turquoise jewelry for sale in Colorado. Those faces in Mount Rushmore. A horsie ride in Ohio. A pile of baby kittens too. The one significant interaction I had with my grandfather there when he helped me look for bugs for my summer science project. I ended up throwing them all out and writing a report instead because they were so gross.

Were your vacations times to go, go, go, or were they time to relax and refresh?

I never found them refreshing and still don’t. Serious traveling more than a local weekend getaway stresses me out. It’s so expensive (and don’t suggest camping because barf), my back hurts, my head hurts, plans get changed last minute (hate!), you eat too much, and, worst of all, places are filled with PEOPLE!

Sad face dislike thumbs down

Staycations rule though…

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18 responses to “Vacation Memories

  1. I remember very little about any vacas as a kid. I vaguely remember one we took to Mackinac Island and rode in a horse carriage. We mostly did staycations. Sounds like it wasn’t the most pleasant times for you.

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  2. Thanks for joining in this week. Staycations make me happy now too. You did a great desl of traveling as a kid. I get it that being glued together in tight quarters can be challenging.

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  3. I think that Pennsylvania was my favorite State to go through with my parents, because I always got a big kick out if the tunnels.

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  4. aguycalledbloke

    So a fifty mile hike followed by a night out in bug infested swamp lands under the stars in your ricketty tent is the next ideal stay away then ? Looking forwards to that story.

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  5. I enjoyed reading this, Paula. I wish you had better memories of childhood vacations, though.

    But what you said about reading in the backseat of the car and feeling nauseated? SISTAH, that was me too! I got carsick on every family vacation. 😬

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  6. We were three on road trips, too. But my folks never argued. I was bored, rather than stressed. Due to easily getting car sick (still happens), I did not miss seeing the scenery. And we had no radio in our car, so listening the grownups was my entertainment. I pity today’s kids with their iPads competing with car stereos and not a proper convo anywhere.

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  7. I think I was lucky. We always played games or sang songs in the car. Four kids in the back of a station wagon could be a recipe for disaster. Maybe that’s why my dad liked to drive at night so we slept. It sounds like you saw some interesting things, though!

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  8. Sounds like you have some happy memories at least! I’m happy you do! ❤

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