Once Upon a Winter’s Date

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I watched a cute Hallmark movie recently on Prime. Remember Groundhog Day? This has a similar theme (so does The Twelve Dates of Christmas), but the story is told from the female perspective. Overall, I enjoyed the movie (all three actually)… nevertheless, I have issues.

The premise of Once Upon a Winter’s Date is that Katherine (Kat), a workaholic, keeps waking up to redo Valentine’s Day until she gets it right. A kooky gypsy woman, whose doggie Kat rescued, has created this spell because she wants Kat to recognize her soul mate. He will be someone Kat has spoken to on Vday, but not necessarily Mr. Obvious (except to us). This post will contain some spoilers, sorry.

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1. So the first man to whom Kat gives a second look is her doorman, who’s been greeting her with poetry. He’s a good-looking guy, maybe a bit younger than Kat, and they go for a coffee. Doorman guy gets all weird and philosophical, causing Kat to cross him off her list. But this is the EXACT guy I would have chosen because he was delightfully strange and poetic. Now you see why I had so many problems in the dating arena with my inexplicable attraction to the wackadoos.

2. In these types of movies, we are meant to see that corporate jobs are bad and must be ditched in the pursuit of true love. No one who works in an office can have a soul mate. You must find something “meaningful” and fun in order to be loved! And naturally this meaningful, fun thing will be lucrative or a trust fund or other source of major funds will magically appear.

3. For some reason, the movie blurbs say that Kat has the worst date of her life on Vday (which she has to keep reliving), but there is nothing wrong with the guy except he’s allergic to dogs. He’s actually a very cute, very funny Brit. The dog thing is a dealbreaker, of course, but if that’s her worst date, she can count herself lucky. She does have to pick up the check after he leaves to sneeze his head off, but since she still has her corporate job at this point, so what?

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5. I’ve noticed that in so many of these movies the woman has to change to be with the man. I don’t mean change into a slinky nightgown, but switch up her entire life and personality. This is, in my opinion, the MOST realistic aspect to a romcom. The man has either had his life-changing epiphany before the heroine meets him, or he’s perfect as-is, like so many men are (ha ha). In my dating life, it was common for a man to tell me I needed to change ~ I was not good enough for him as I was. I should be more into travel or sports-watching or kinky sex or the music he liked or whatever thing. No one EVER said they liked me as-is!

Anyway. That’s my review. If you care about the cast list, you can find it here.

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  1. thanks 😇😇

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  2. I think the changing thing is because the main character in a film/novel typically has to grow over the story, but you’re right that it does send a bad message.

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  3. I don’t know where all these trust fund men come from in these sorts of movies or books. Give me a guy who works for a living any day. I don’t care if he wears a tool belt or pushes a pen. The rich guy concept gets old after a while.

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  4. You should never have to change for anyone and if that is why someone rejects you, then they are not good enough for you.

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  5. I’m thinking Sliding Doors at the moment.

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  6. I actually watched that movie last year I think. Odd little trivia side note: The weird Gypsy woman was Marina Sirtis (sp?) who played Counselor Troi on Star Trek Next Generation. That just tickled me for some reason. Now. You’ll want to avoid, if you haven’t already watched it, one that I watched last night. “Love At First Glance”. Talk about the woman having to change for her man!! And the premise was cute, but I thought the ending sucked. It ended as it was supposed to, it just left me feeling the slightest touch let down, because there was a lot of good grist for the mill the writers never even touched. Yano, this is a great idea for a post…🤔
    I’m giving you half-credit for inspiring it. 🙂


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  8. It often is the woman who seems to have to change everything. She might have a job or home she actually likes but it can’t be as good as coming back to the old home town and getting married to some guy she just met. These “fun” jobs, if you are starting a bakery, an antique shop or a dog walking business I’m sure it would be more fun than office work but to actually survive without Mr Rich Guy, you’d have to work all hours and really struggle to begin with. You wouldn’t have time for romancing.

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