5 Books to Reread

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Today in her #5Things series, Dr. Tanya asks which 5 books have we loved enough to reread. I have not reread any books lately because there are so many new ones I want to get to, but here are some I’ve read more than once in days gone by.

1. The Great Gatsby. This book is a gem, full of compelling characters, a lavish setting, and wonderful use of language. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s prose is so beautiful it’s almost poetry. I’ve read it multiple times, both for school and pleasure. The movie versions are great too, or so I hear. I own the DVD with Leo, so I have no excuse not to watch.

2. The Unbearable Lightness of Being. I love this Milan Kundera book so much! It has everything ~ love, war, philosophy, and a doggo. Kundera is not afraid to break the wall and speak to us directly, which is brave and delightful, though it works well only in the hands of a master. I imagine I’ll read it again some day. The movie was good (love Daniel Day Lewis), but it is nowhere near as deep as the book.

3. Raymond Carver’s utterly brilliant book of short stories Where I’m Calling From. If you are a fan of ultra-short stories that pack a big punch, this is a must-read. The 1993 movie Short Cuts is based on 9 stories by Ray Carver plus one of his poems, and now that I’m thinking about it… I want to watch it again!

4. Another fabulous selection of shorts, this one by Haruki Murakami titled Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman. He’s more generous with description and dialog than Carver, but you still have to do some work as a reader to understand what’s going on. I recommend his novels also, especially Norwegian Wood, which I gobbled up in one sitting because I could not tear myself away.

5. If I really want some comfort food for my soul, I will reread my book of Robert Frost’s poetry. It’s magical! I fall in love with words all over again as soon as I dive into his work. Perfection. Sublime. My favorite poem of his is probably ”Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.” (Find it here.)

What a wonderful prompt. Thank you, Tanya. I realize all these are male authors, and I feel bad about that, but… they are my favorites. While I love some romance novel writers (Judith McNaught, Kathleen Woodiwiss, Jennifer Crusie, Victoria Holt, Linda Howard, etc.), I don’t think I would reread any of their books because of all the unread romances on my list.

So many Dukes, so little time…

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12 responses to “5 Books to Reread

  1. Your first two I’ve read. The rest look compelling

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  2. I want to read #1. The Murakami short stories were the first one of his I read (other than The Strange Library.) I’ve got 2 more of his sitting on the table to read. Haven’t read Norwegian Wood yet, what is that one about?

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  3. Great Gatsby, for sure. Though I’ve read many Murakami books, I’ve not read the one you list. Good for me to know, another new book! Now I just need time! Hehe. 😁 Great post, Paula.

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  4. I feel terrible, I’ve only seen the Great Gatsby movie, lol

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  5. I haven’t read any of those. I like to re-read Pride and Prejudice and A Tale of Two Cities.

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  6. I agree that Fitzgerald ‘s writing in the Great Gatsby is beautiful. The descriptions are almost lyrical.

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