SLS: Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know

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Big thanks go out to our tuneful host Jim Adams for bringing us Song Lyric Sunday each week. For today’s prompt, I choose “This Guy’s in Love with You,” which contains one of the keywords.

I’ve heard some talk
They say you think I’m fine
Yes, I’m in love
And what I’d do
To make you mine

Tell me now, is it so?
Don’t let me be the last to know
My hands are shaking
Don’t let my heart keep breaking, ’cause

I need your love
I want your love
Say you’re in love
In love with this guy
If not, I’ll just die

This was a special song for my ex and me. On a weekend away in the Bay Area, I requested it at a piano bar and the waiter misheard it as “Disguise in Love.” The poor piano man was so confused. He came up to us and said sorry he’d never heard of my song. I said I had thought it was pretty popular back in the day! Finally, we figured out what happened and had a good laugh. Then he played it. After that, it became “our” song, but not for any romantic reason.

Burt Bacharach and Hal David wrote the song back in 1968, and it was first recorded by Herb Alpert. Supposedly, TGILWY was intended for a female singer, but Alpert worked the lyrics so they made sense for a male voice. After a positive reception on a TV performance, Alpert released the song as a single and it hit No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100, where it stayed for four weeks. It was Alpert’s first No. 1 song.

Many artists have covered TGILWY, including Nancy Sinatra and Dionne Warwick (both singing it as “This Girl’s in Love with You”) and Sammy Davis Jr. In 1996, Noel Gallagher of Oasis sang a version of TGILWY at the London Festival Hall, accompanied by Bacharach on piano. The Oasis take is great, but Burt’s is my favorite rendition.

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17 responses to “SLS: Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know

  1. Love that song Paula

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  2. I love your choice Paula. Your incident with the waiter mishearing your request made me think of that song Judy in Disguise which was a parody of Lucy in the Sky.

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  3. I never ever had an “our song” but I can think of a couple of cases where songs became so strongly associated with a (then current) girlfriend that they still invoke memories of her. During the summer between my sophomore and junior high school years I developed a strong crush on a girl and two songs are indelibly overwritten on her memory–that would be, embarrassingly, I’ve Got You, Babe, and What’s New Pussycat. (I liked the part where the glass breaks.) I still like the songs, but it seems they never ever get airplay nowadays.

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  4. You can never disappoint with Bacharach. Great choice!

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  5. One of my favorites of all time, love the slow pace.

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  6. Disguise in Love😂😂 funny story! Nice choice🎶 I don’t think I’ve heard any versions of this song before 🤔 so YAY! New music🥳🎶💃🏼

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  7. Good oldie! Been awhile since I’d heard it. That’s a really fun story about the mixed up name of the song. 🙂

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