A Writer’s Ramble

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Today in her Sunday Ramble series E.M. asks the following writing-related questions.

When did you first discover your love of writing?

I’ve always loved to write, from the time I first began scribbling with crayons. At age 6, I wrote a poem about a snowflake and my mommy put it on the fridge. That early validation spurred me onto the heights of greatness you are currently witnessing (that’s a joke).

Would you say that you found your imagination at a young age or when you became older? If you want to, share something you discovered with your imagination. (Be sure to copyright your post.)

I’ve always had a vivid imagination, though early on it was colored by what I read. Now, it goes wherever. Lately I find myself soaring into flights of fancy and including supernatural elements in my writing ~ or let’s say events/descriptions that could be viewed as supernatural. It’s great fun and frees me from any strictures of “what is possible.” In writing, anything is possible!

All my posts are copyrighted.

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What is your favorite genre to write about? (Example: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, True Crime, etc.)

It depends on my mood. I wrote romance/erotica novels and short stories for a long time… and I wrote a funny political romance novella too. I write a lot of poetry and flash fiction… it could be about anything, including crime, sci-fi, animals, etc. Dialog is probably my favorite part of a story to write; I’m not great at describing locations and scenery. I also ramble on about whatever, though in general I don’t share much personal stuff about family, friends, or work. Basically, my genre is fiction not fact.

Do you ever get “writer’s block”? If so, do you have a reason of why it happens?

I wish! There are like a kabillion things I want to write and will never have time to finish them all. I am never blocked, though there are times I get bored out of my mind with a particular WIP and abandon it to begin something new. Basically, I have to monitor myself so I don’t spend too MUCH time writing. There are other things in life… well, allegedly.

Can you tell me something that I do not know that you do not mind sharing about your style of writing?

I could, if I knew what you don’t know!

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16 responses to “A Writer’s Ramble

  1. Awesome answers Paula! ❤ ❤

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  2. Love your meme!

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  3. You’ve “found your bliss” per Joseph Campbell. I’m glad to read you 🙂

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  4. Good answers. I particularly like your #1 and #4.

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  5. “I could, if I knew what you don’t know!” AWESOME

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  6. I hope when I have children, I remember to let them keep their imaginations.

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  7. Hi Paula! Your answers were full of that awesome personality that shows in your writing 🙂 The meme made me smile too! I love the Twilight Saga. It’s so good that your mom validated your talent at a young age. My mother never knew how to do that. Thank you for making me smile and rambling on with me 🙂 Have a great week! See you on TMP!

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