Song of the Sea Goddess

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It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Song of the Sea Goddess by our very own Chris Hall. I knew it would be good, since I enjoy her blog so much, but I didn’t know it would be great! I was hooked from the start, both because of the quirky characters she introduces and from the strange happenings around town.

I confess I am bored with the usual, so I was thrilled to find a book set in Africa, with native language and customs to discover, and chock-full of odd, supernatural events. There is a huge emphasis on animals and nature, which I enjoy very much, plus an overarching moral, which is nice and not so frequently found these days.

I admire Chris’ ability to create memorable characters, some of them slightly absurd, but all fascinating plot-drivers. But this isn’t a totally character-driven book (those can get tedious) ~ the plot is also moved along via cataclysmic events. There’s a perfect mix of dialog, description, and narrative.

Wonderful work, Chris!

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16 responses to “Song of the Sea Goddess

  1. aguycalledbloke

    Just sent you an email Paula 🙂

    Great review and introduction to Chris’s book by the way.

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  2. I have read all of her books. She’s a wonderful writer.

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  4. How awesome. Thank you for letting us know about this book, by Chris, Paula. Looks like I’ve got another book to order, and read! 😁

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  5. Thanks for the awesome review and recommendation, Paula. I’m so touched and delighted by your words!💖 – sequel coming very soon…🐚

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