Lightnin’ Strikes


Thanks to Jim’s Thursday Inspiration this week, I have created a new category (well, tag, to be precise) of posts: songs I love to hate, or SILTH. Today I present “Lightnin’ Strikes,” written by Lou Christie and Twyla Herbert, a No. 1 hit in the US and Canada in 1966. The music is super catchy but the lyrics? They start out OK with the narrator saying it’s hard to settle down.

Every boy wants a girl
He can trust to the very end
Baby, that’s you
Won’t you wait but ’til then?

Mm, sure. The girl needs to be trustworthy, but the guy… what’s he doing?

When I see lips beggin’ to be kissed (stop)
I can’t stop (stop) I can’t stop myself (stop, stop)
Lightning is striking again
Lightning is striking again

What? Omg, I thought the lightning was striking us, baby, as in we are fated to be together by the heavens above. But what you mean by lightning is you’ll make out with every girl you’re attracted to because you can’t help it. Ugh.

When I settle down
I want one baby on my mind
Forgive and forget
And I’ll make up for all lost time

Yeah sure. But what happens if “lightning strikes” after you settle down with me? How do I know you’ll be faithful then if you can’t be faithful now? What magic is going to change you into a different person?

Nature’s takin’ over my one-track mind (ma-me-aah, ooh)
Believe it or not, you’re in my heart all the time (ma-me-aah, ooh)
All the girls are sayin’ that you’ll end up a fool (ma-me-aah, ooh)
For the time being, baby, live by my rules (ma-me-aah, ooh)

Your rules. What if lightning strikes me while you’re off satisfying your urges? Oh, I’m supposed to sit at home and knit. Got it.

There’s a chapel in the pines
Waiting for us around the bend
Picture in your mind
Love forever, but ’til then

If she gives me a sign that she wants to make time (stop)
I can’t stop (stop) I can’t stop myself (stop, stop)

What’s sad is how many women did (and do) accept this double standard just so they can have the chapel in the pines… or at least the promise of it hovering in the mist while the man is out doing whatever/whomever. And I don’t think this song is necessarily about a time gone by; I think the double standard is still around.

Anyway, I enjoy listening to this song, while hating it!

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5 responses to “Lightnin’ Strikes

  1. I have not thought about this song in years, and you provided a great analysis of it Paula, although slightly one sided. Things were very different back in 1966, being a lot more sexist.

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  2. Wow, an oldie but a goodie!

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  3. I always liked this song, but never really thought about the lyrics. Now that you have broken it down – it’s not so good. I like how you did this! 🙂

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