Walking Away…

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In his ongoing Truthful Tuesday series, today PCGuyIV asks the following:

What hobby or pastime have you recently set aside, either partially or completely, even if just for the time being? What has made you set it aside? Has another hobby or pastime taken its place? If so, is it a new interest or has something previously put away caught your attention again?

To begin, I want to say that I disagree with the prevalent notion that we mustn’t give up on anything, that we must struggle, and that if we walk away from something that isn’t working, we are failures. That’s ridiculous. There are plenty of things that should be abandoned: bad marriages, disloyal friends, terrible jobs, destructive habits, and kale. Kale sucks!

With that out of the way, I will answer the questions. YES, I have recently set aside some hobbies/pastimes and here they are, in no particular order.

1. Dating. I have learned the hard way that sticking your hand into a bag of glass hoping to find an elusive piece of candy is stupid. It took me a long time to grok this because candy is yummy, but I ran out of bandaids, so…

2. Painting. I enjoy painting when the end result pleases me aesthetically, but it takes a lot of time and energy to create a project, and most of them turn out yucky. I don’t have the patience to improve right now, so maybe this is something to revisit later on. I would say painting falls into the set aside category rather than the abandoned one.

3. Writing novels. I have proven to myself that I can finish a novel (more than one), so that’s crossed off the bucket list. With so many self-published authors out there now, it’s too difficult to get noticed and make enough money to justify the time outlay. Maybe this hobby will be revisited when I retire, but for now my writing urges are satisfied via blogging.

4. Baking. I used to love to bake cookies and cakes, and I enjoyed decorating cakes too. But with everyone avoiding sugar or carbs or being on some keto type diet, I just can’t be bothered. Store-bought desserts are almost as good and much easier to deal with. This weekend however I plan to make something TIGER themed ~ not because I care about sportsball, but it is an excuse to go TIGERY!

5. Phone games. I dumped these last year when I wanted to focus on reading 100+ books. Accomplished that. Crossed item off bucket list. This year, I’m reading at a more relaxed pace, and the games are baaaaack.

Good questions!

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14 responses to “Walking Away…

  1. Re. dating – that’s a very good way of putting it.

    I agree about the whole idea that we shouldn’t give up. Why the hell not? Why stick with something when it’s no longer a positive thing?

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  2. Where do I start? 100% agree on kale. No idea about dating. Painting/scrapbooking/sewing have to please or it needs a rest. I am thoroughly impressed with your talent and ability to write a novel. Way to go! I LOVE to bake, but I love to eat what I bake even more. I have to keep myself from baking. I am addicted to solitaire on my phone. I don’t see an intervention in my future though. Great post Paula

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  3. I didn’t see it, but I read that Netflix had or has a baking competition called Nailed It‘s and they did Tiger King-Themed Desserts.

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  4. I agree with all of this except kale because I actually like the taste of kale. But I am very pro not eating foods that you don’t like. The list of foods I don’t eat because I don’t like them is quite long!

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  5. Pursuit of Great

    Great point! We are not meant to do everything so the wise thing to do is stop doing what we’re not meant to. That is wisdom!

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  6. I’ve given up on baking too, for the same reason as you.

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