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Melanie starts our week off right with a fresh set of Share Your World questions. Let’s get to it!

1. What is one topic you love to talk about?

Romance novels, writing, romcoms, romance/dating/relationships generally, though “talk” may be a mild description for my ranting about the latter.

2. Suppose there was a magical wizard standing right in front of you and you could turn your life into anything you wanted, what would you do?  For example: What, who, where, why? (Short explanation:  Suspend disbelief and suppose for a moment that you COULD turn your life into anything you wanted it to be.  Answer any or all of those “W” codicils as you wish.)

First, I’d be a person free from chronic pain and migraines (who). Then I could exercise, hike, and do other fun outdoor activities. I’d still live here in Orange County, California, where I’m a reasonable distance from both my daughters. Second, I would like to make loads of money from my writing, or at least support myself the same as now, including health insurance and retirement funds (what). I like my job a lot, but it would be interesting to work fully for myself ~ of course, this assumes I’d be writing what I want and not to spec. If I had to please some snotty 20-something editor, I’d rather keep things as they are, lol. I’ve always worked for or depended upon someone else financially, so I would welcome the chance to be free from that (why). Usually, I answer these what-if, dreamy questions by saying I would have gone to Northwestern and had a great career from the start, but then I wouldn’t have had my daughters, so… no.

3. Could you adjust to life without any internet?

Well, I’m 60, so I lived plenty of years without the internet. I know how to balance a checkbook, write a real letter, type on an actual typewriter (bring on the White-Out), and look stuff up in dead-tree books. I could probably even recall how to dial a telephone. I assume I could still play CDs/DVDs and listen to the radio, but I’d miss streaming movies. That’s really spoiled me… all those movies and shows available 24/7. The worst thing though would be maps ~ I have no sense of direction and GPS is my lifesaver. Staring at a paper map before I start out and trying to commit that picture to memory is really difficult for me, though I don’t know why since my memory is great for words and numbers. I guess it’s a spatial deficiency, which also explains why I’m always bumping into the wall.

4. What do you think is unique about the human ‘animal’ (homo sapiens)?

This won’t be a popular answer, but… not a lot. We share 85% of our DNA with dogs and 99% with chimpanzees. I guess there could be loads of exceptional stuff packed into that 1%, but eh. We’ve proven that animals communicate, help each other (watch lion and/or wolf hunting docus for examples), and demonstrate sharing and other “moral” type behavior under the right conditions. We’ve also proven that humans will abandon all morals and ethics under adverse conditions or even not so adverse, depending. I’m not a believer in souls, the supernatural, or the afterlife, so when you get down to it, my opinion is that we’re not unique among animals, though I understand the need to believe we are.

5. Share some encouraging words that you’d say to someone who was feeling down.

This too shall pass

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9 responses to “Sharing Some Whatiffery [syw]

  1. I’d say humans are exceptionally stoopid animals!

    My life definitely would’ve been different without the ex, but same as you, no daughters. It’s been a bumpy ride, but I’m much wiser than I probably would’ve been.

    I like the no pain wish! That’s a good one. I can’t even remember what it was like to not have pain everyday. At least it’s mostly controlled now. Praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster and my intrathecal pump!🌻🥰

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  2. Awesome answers. 4 is very well explained.

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  3. Thank you Paula for Sharing Your World! Beautiful banner, which I borrowed (hope it’s okay) for a future SYW. You find such beautiful ones! 🙂 I liked your answers, they were all great, but #4 was especially thought provoking. I’ve heard a variety of answers from “humans are the only animals that are selfish, entitled, embarrassed, judgmental of others who are different (which I see why we’re not the only ones doing that), stupid (nod to Angie), But to me? The most remarkable different is our oral language. We speak in words. And that’s not dismissing that all species communicate with each other and even cross species. But I think humans have lost the innate ability to read body language that (I believe) most animals rely on for clues, and what I consider (woo-woo thinking perhaps) the 6th sense that dogs and cats seem to possess (and probably wild animals as well). Thank you so much for participating today and have a great week going forward! )

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  4. “This too shall pass” is what I say to myself.

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