5 Skills Lost to Covid

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Dr. Tanya continues her #5Things series by asking how our lives have changed during the pandemic ~ specifically what skills have we lost.

1. Wearing sexy shoes/boots. My feet and back are just saying NO to any uncomfy footwear, which basically means all of the sexy high-heeled stuff. To be fair, it was happening before Covid too, but now it’s very pronounced. Last week I wore some cute black boots to work and my feet hurt all day. I’ve since dumped them in the trash. The boots, not my feet.

2. Holding the door. In these times of social distancing, it’s generally better not to hold the door for the person behind you. If you do hold it, you end up physically closer than if you don’t.

3. Getting on the available elevator. Nope. If I see anyone unmasked in there or about to get on, I wait for the next one. In fact, I prefer an elevator all to myself, and I see no reason not to indulge that preference now.

4. Saying yes just to be agreeable. It has become perfectly acceptable to turn down any invitation or even some work-related tasks because you feel they are too risky with respect to Covid cooties. I am taking full advantage of this to avoid sh!t I never want to do anyway.

5. Dating. Yeah yeah yeah, I had already ditched the nightmare of trying to meet someone via a dating site, but still I want to take the opportunity to say yet again what a horror show the whole thing is. You think the same jerks who lie about their age, height, job, marital status, and STDs are gonna tell the truth about being vaxxed? Bwahahaha.

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14 responses to “5 Skills Lost to Covid

  1. I have not been in an elevator in years, mostly because I hardly ever go out.

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  2. Your right on about the losses. I do sometimes hold the door for someone physically worse off than i am. If i can stand behind the door and hold it with the door between them and me (and they are masked) then i do.

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  3. Very interesting … and you are right about people!

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  4. Better forgo the elevator altogether.

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  5. I still wear shoes around the house =D I’m still buying them, lol…But I don’t post them on Insta, too many people with foot fetishes on there >.<

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  6. Very entertaining Paula 🤣

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  7. I’ve been ordering food online. My one foray to the self checkout after a 6 month absence reminded me that I could forget how to use the darned thing. Also, they’d changed the software.

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