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Di @ Pensitivity101 has a new weekly series about food, glorious food, and I thought I would jump in this time. Disclaimer: I have an eating disorder.

1. So, what has seen you through potential comfort eating phases?

I have a couple strategies. One is to simply give in and allow myself to indulge, knowing I’ll make up for it later. The next is to save the comfort food for the next day and make it a whole meal. This works well with dessert, which I sometimes have for breakfast. This way, I don’t feel deprived but neither have I consumed a huge excess of calories. The third and by far best strategy is to wait for an indefinite time. I don’t tell myself I can never have a particular comfort food; I say wait a bit. There are many times the craving simply passes. This works for other things too, such as sex and jewelry.

2. Did you come off plan when you reached a plateau for a couple of weeks and then start again or did you give up altogether?

Plateaus are frustrating, especially when you have truly been trying and suffering. I always tell myself it could be worse ~ I could be gaining. Hat tip to Young Frankenstein. My plan is to continually do better, as I define it, so, no, plateaus don’t cause me to say eff it.

3. What do you do if you’re not a fan of fruit and veg?

Very simple: don’t eat them! Personally, I am not obsessed with eating 5 servings of fruit and veggies per day or whatever number they are pushing at us now. I have never trusted these rules, as they change all the time. Remember when fat was evil and we were told to load up on massive amounts of carbs? Bagels the size of your face. Vats of pasta. Mountains of cereal. Then by 1990 everyone was fat. Oops! We meant sugar… yeah, sugar is the culprit. Like whatever, man…

Anyway, most frequently my fruit and veg consumption consists of a banana and a handful of carrots. I’m not a big fan of salad these days, as my tummy says please cook the veg you barbarian. So I’ll nuke a whole package of broccoli in butter sauce and have that for dinner when I’m feeling deficient in greenery. I understand not everyone can do this, especially those who are still cooking for a spouse and/or kids. TG those days are over for me!

4. What are your go-to nibbles?

OK, so here’s the thing: I hardly ever snack. I have lots of tea throughout the day and usually one diet Coke, which all keep me from feeling super hangry between meals. Occasionally, I have a plain tortilla, nuked for 20 seconds, which is very comforting and only 140 cals. But mostly I try not to.

5. List five ways you can serve chicken.

– Lean Cuisine Sesame Chicken
– Lean Cuisine Alfredo Pasta with Chicken
– Lean Cuisine Chicken Enchilada
– Lean Cuisine Chicken Fettuccine
– Lean Cuisine Chicken Marsala

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9 responses to “Comfort Food

  1. #5 cracked me up!


  2. I could eat a chicken sandwich right now. I’m hungry now.

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  3. Thanks for joining in Paula. I like your third strategy…… if I leave it for a while, the craving usually goes for me too.
    I never went for the 5 a day thing either, though when we started growing our own veg, this naturally increased as our eating habits changed and I’m eating more fruit and veg now than I ever did!

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  4. Hi Paula. I know I’ve been there, hell, I’m still there!
    Comfort food is a huge problem for me!
    As is the battle with weight! xoxo

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