RFP3: Elephant

dandelion fluff
sean connery

Welcome to the Random Friday Prompt! This week, let’s use the above public domain pics for inspiration. Poems, flash fiction, personal essays… all are welcome, and there is no time limit. My contribution is below and I look forward to reading your work.


Nadine plucked a flower, made a wish for love, and blew her dreams to the wind. Fate would decide whether they’d come true, and in the meantime she’d continue cleaning up elephant poop at the zoo. There were worse things than attending to the needs of a magnificent creature too noble to be left to the whims of the wild. For Eliza was tame and had no fear of people, which was lovely for the paying customers, but not so healthy if Eliza were returned to the savanna. When Nadine stared into the dark pools of Eliza’s sad eyes, she saw the history of human cruelty reflected in their depths.

But one day they brought in a dapper new elephant and named him James Bond. Eliza began spending all her time with James and ignoring Nadine. Was this her wish being granted? Had her dandelion fluff spun around the world and united Eliza and James Bond? Nadine tried to be happy for them, but she no longer felt fulfilled cleaning up after two enormous poop machines and thought there possibly could be something more waiting for her out there, somewhere.

She quit the zoo and bought a plane ticket to Africa. If love hadn’t found its way to Nadine, she would go in search of it. She thought she spied a bit of dandelion fluff floating outside the plane’s window, but it may have just been a trick of light.

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14 responses to “RFP3: Elephant

  1. Great imagination Paula to link all these pictures in one story.

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  2. Very creative, nicely done! ~ Jay

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  3. Since elephants only digest 40% of their food, 60% comes out as waste, thus they make close to 100 pounds of poop every day, but it makes great fertilizer.

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  4. Wonderful story, Paula. Way leading on to way…

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