Another Chance [fss]

Earth Plant Hand

She had imagined this moment for years, but when it happened she wasn’t ready. Her soft hands fumbled the controls and she heard a humming in her head like a thousand bees. I can’t do it, she despaired.

What happened? Shiloh yelled. I’m getting distress signals in the feed.

I’m sorry, she cried. I think we should give them another chance before we activate the protocol. I know I will be called to account for this failure.

They watched the asteroid harmlessly self-destruct on the screen. It’s okay, Shiloh said. Maybe they’ll do better after this scare.

Yeah, maybe. She watched the blue planet recede from view as they headed for home.

©️2022 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter.

16 responses to “Another Chance [fss]

  1. It is good that these aliens were not interested in abductions.

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  2. They are out there watching us.

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  3. 🙂 Alternate ending: “Wait. The newest data shows that Disco eventually died out on its own, eight Madronian days ago!” The screen flashed: ABORT DESTRUCTION SEQUENCE ABORT ABORT . . .

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  4. Wonderful story, Paula!

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  5. They saved the earth. 😀

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  6. I like where your story went.

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  7. With so much scary stuff, how can humanity pull one thing to be really afraind of? I like where you went though.

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