Just One…

happy hour

The neon sign beckoned as he turned the corner, and too late he realized he should have taken a different route. His feet made quick work of the city block, and the bar door opened for him like a lover. The stale air enveloped him in a warm embrace, as the clink of glasses played a familiar song.

One drink, he rationalized as he ordered. One and done. He couldn’t get into any mischief with only a single shot of whiskey, he told himself, and the smoky kiss of alcohol slid across his tongue. He sighed with satisfaction, for he had missed this so much.

“Old friend!” Satan exclaimed, taking the seat on his left. “Haven’t seen you here in ages. What are the chances of meeting on the night I stop by, eh?”

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14 responses to “Just One…

  1. Wow, Paula, good story. I love your descriptors they really set the scene well. And yes, what a coincidence! 😉

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  2. A wonderful story Paula! 🌹😘

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  3. Yikes! Wonderfully created and expressed, Paula. 💙

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  4. I agree with Li that you’ve set the scene very well. Great story Paula

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  5. I like your story. I’d be frightened of Satan at the seat next to me.

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  6. Good one, Paula!

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