Sleeping kitty

She overheard the couple whispering in the adjoining room and realized that now was her chance to make a break for it. Freedom! Their voices faded as she padded to the bathroom, climbed up to the window, squeezed herself out of the small opening, and jumped to the ground. They’ll never catch me now!

But what was all this cold stuff falling from the sky? Eww, it was wet! Her left paw was soaked already and as she sat down and tried to lick it clean, a puddle formed under her butt. This was horrible carpeting and she missed the warm nubby stuff in the house. She couldn’t even dig her claws into this soft mush. Also, where were all the birdies and mousies to chase? Probably inside where it was warm. She decided to return and try again another time, when it was sunny and dry.

A while later as she lay curled up in a ball in her cozy bed, they came out of their room. “Poor kitty! You look cold!” They turned on the fireplace, snuggled her in a blanket, kissed her little face, and fed her tuna treats.

Someday, she vowed, I will escape from this prison! Not today though…


Image is mine. Written for Fandango’s Story Starter.

©️2021 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon. Thank you.

19 responses to “Escape!

  1. Oh no-oooess! Poor mistreated kitty.

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  2. So good. House cats just don’t understand how good they’ve got it.

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  3. My cats always made it clear they were doing me a big favor by living with me. But it’s true. They were 🙂

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  4. aguycalledbloke

    Very good.

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  5. Today she is safe and warm. Cute story

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  6. Oh yes, don’t they just wrap us round their cute little paws!😻

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