Ramble Jamble

Bowl of macaroni and cheese

E.M. continues her Sunday Ramble series with new questions, this week about favorites.

1. What is your all time favorite food for any occasion?

I know I’ll surprise some peeps by not saying cupcakes or cake, but my actual favorite food anytime, for any occasion, is macaroni and cheese. It’s good for breakfast or any meal (with a veg) or as a side dish or as a snack cold straight outta the fridge. And I’m not fussy ~ the pasta does not have to be elbow macaroni, nor does the cheese need to be Kraft yellow, though I admit I am partial to original blue-box M&C, but the kind with the cheese goo in the packet, NOT the cheesy powder, which is gross. I do not care for any of the “instant” products you make in the microwave, especially since that one time I almost burned down my office building by hitting an extra zero. Yes, I have many talents. Just for the record, fettuccine alfredo counts as M&C.

2. What is your favorite season and why?

This is a complicated question. First, I don’t like the spring because of all the sad memories (marriage, divorce, Mom’s death/birthday, Dad’s death/birthday), plus it’s never as warm as you expect it to be. I sometimes put summer as my favorite because I love the heat and the long days, but OTOH I get a lot more migraines in summer, so I’m not feeling friendly toward it at the moment. For a long time, I put fall as my fave because HALLOWEEN, but eh. Ever since my eyes starting bothering me too much to wear makeup and Covid hit and etc., I haven’t been that interested in costumes and celebrations and whatnot. My grands don’t do Halloween, so there’s nothing happening in that department. Thanksgiving is fun when I see family, but the feast part is a big ick to me… I hate overeating and gaining weight.

So that leaves winter, which no one puts as their favorite, but let’s ponder that for a mo. First, since I don’t celebrate Christmas, I don’t have any shopping frenzy stress nor any obligation to cook and/or eat a giant pile of food. If I spend the day with friends, it’s pretty low-key and fun and involves playing board games, so that’s awesome. Second, the days STOP getting shorter around December 22 and go the other way, so that is also great, plus for some reason sunsets are fab in winter. Third, there’s a brand shiny New Year to look forward to, sometimes a party (with board games, natch), and Valentine’s Day to commiserate about with other terminally single peeps. Finally, it doesn’t get THAT cold here in SoCal, but it’s chilly enough to wear corduroy pants, a cozy sweater or three, and boots, which I love. I’m liking winter! It’s my new fave season!

3a. Where is your favorite hiding spot when you want to not be bothered by anyone or anything? If you do not have a special place, make one up.

I don’t need to hide. I’ve arranged my life so that I have a peaceful place to live and a nice office to work in, so unless I’m driving (ick, awful, horrible), things are pretty nice for me daily as far as not being overly bothered by other people. If I had to escape, I’d just go in my bedroom with Gatsby and shut the door.

3b. Pick three of your most favorite colors and tell me why you love them.

I didn’t see this question in the original prompt, but some bloggers are answering it instead of 3a, so I’ll go along like a sheep (baaaa!). My three favorite colors, in order, are turquoise, violet, and candy pink. Close seconds are lime green and sunflower yellow. Why? I don’t know. They make me feel happy like I’m on a tropical island lounging in the sun with a piña colada by my side and a Jimmy Buffett cover band playing nearby.

4. Who is your favorite person on the planet?

This is a four-way tie among my two daughters and my two grandchildren.

5. What is your most favorite personality trait in other people?

Kindness. All the other good traits derive from this one, such as honesty (but not brutal honesty), loyalty, generosity, and the ability to listen, empathize, offer help, receive help, etc. Being funny, smart, etc., are fine traits, but kindness is number one.


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15 responses to “Ramble Jamble

  1. Any kind of pasta with any kind of cheese is always good to me also.

    Did we even have a Spring or Autumn this year? I remember a few weeks of severe pendulum swings during the time those seasons generally occur, but… if I have to choose between Summer and Winter, I’ll take Winter also. Noisy, expensive AIrCon and/or constant sweat is not fun!

    I can lock myself in the baño, but I can’t hide☹ They always find me🤪

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  2. Mac and cheese is a good any time of the day food. Kraft’s blue box mac and cheese is called Kraft Dinner, or KD, in Canada. Apparently we eat a lot of it. I agree, the stuff with the goo is better than the orange powder stuff.

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  3. Great answers Paula! ❤

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  4. I concur with Mac N Cheese! I do enjoy both the powder and goo packet, but it depends on the goo lol. The winters here have been a bit all over the place since I moved here in 2017. The first year I could put the top down on my convertible in December, and the next, it was so cold that I felt like I was in Illinois again. Halloween had always been my favorite holiday as well, but I think I have found more joy in Mother’s Day or Thanksgiving because of the thought we put behind the celebrations. *starts singing* Wasted away again in Margaritaville…looking for my lost shaker of salt — Jimmy Buffett triggered my love of margaritas lol. Hopefully, you had an amazing Sunday, and I am so glad you joined in. Sorry about the mix-up on the questions.

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  5. Pasta is a great choice. I like when seasons change, irrespective of which one it is.

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  6. You surprised me, because I definitely thought you were going to say cupcakes. Mac & Cheese is a good choice. This made me realize I haven’t had it in ages. Hmmm…

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