Sweet Revenge [socs]

Lemon yellow cupcake

Trevor,” said the Reverend. “I’m concerned that you may be involved with the recent spate of revulsive pranks here in our community.”

Trevor paused while taking a scoop of fruit salad at the church picnic. “I can’t believe you would accuse me of such a thing, Rev. Why?”

The Reverend lowered his voice. “I did a bit of digging and it turns out that the victims had all left you one-star reviews on Amazon. Trust me, I certainly don’t revel in telling you this.”

Although Trevor was surprised at the Rev’s words, he nevertheless felt no need to reveal anything to him. “Eh, bad reviews are a fact of life for writers. I don’t concern myself with them when I’ve had loads of great feedback.”

“I’m pleased to hear that and will revise my opinion accordingly.” The Reverend smiled and picked up a cupcake from the revolving pastry platter. “Especially because I just left a one-star myself. There was way too much s-e-x in your last novel for my taste.”

Trevor took a deep breath. “No problem.”

After the picnic ended, Trevor felt inspired and revived. His writer’s block had reversed itself! He revved his motorcycle home to work on a new novel he’d just conceived: The Reverend and the Missing Revenue.

Revenge would be sweet!


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  1. Great plot line. 😂

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  2. A fun entry and you covered a lot of revs.

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  3. Excellent Story ☺️

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  4. The old Rev will give Trevor’s new book a bad review, I believe. 😉

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