Oakland Sky

Oakland sky sunset

I took this pic last Friday afternoon from the car on the way to the Oakland Airport. The sunset was incredible that day and I’ve seen many other photos of it since. I saved it for a Weekend Sky entry ~ you’re welcome. Why not pop over to Hammad’s blog and give him a high-five on his 50th Weekend Sky post?


Image is mine.

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25 responses to “Oakland Sky

  1. Spectacular red and love how everything is silhouetted against it.

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  2. So incredibly pretty!!!


  3. Hi Paula, can you do me a favour, did my pic of the sky come out? I tried, but god knows what I took a photo of, I just pointed my IPhone at the sky and snapped, it was dark, too, so nothing may have come out! xo

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  4. In my best Keanu voice “WHOA!”❣

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  5. Very nice!

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  6. What a gorgeous sky, Paula!

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  7. Fabulous sky and picture Paula!

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  8. Hey Paula!
    This looks so amazingly mesmerizing. What’s not to love about this view 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing this with my challenge 🙂

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