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When Maggie @ fromcavewalls asked this Throwback Thursday what fascinated me as a youngster, my initial impulse was to look up “fascinate,” and I discovered it originally meant ”to hold spellbound by an irresistible power.” We’re talking magic spells here, a raptor’s gaze (“enraptured”), or even a hat. What? Yes, those feathery, lacy concoctions women wear on their heads at the track and other fancy events are called fascinators.

There are a bunch of interesting words from the Latin rapere (to seize/carry off): rape, rapt, raptor, rapture, raven, ravenous, ravage, etc. What does this have to do with fascinate? Welp…

I’m fascinated by words, always have been. As far back as I can remember, I was surrounded by books to read… to drift off into other worlds via the power of the written word. Songs that can create a story/mood with their lyrics hold a special place in my heart. I also had plenty of paper and pencils with which to write my own words and/or color and draw. I began writing silly poetry as a child and continued with typical angsty poems in my teens.

The power of creation in general interested me. Whether it was baking cookies, drawing doggies (or attempting to), crocheting a rug for my Barbie dollhouse, forming candles, or beading a string necklace… I loved to make things. It follows that creative people also hold my attention. I respect the desire to come up with something new and to leave something behind.

These days I’m a little more discerning with my creative impulses. I’d love to get into jewelry making, but it’s expensive and I’d constantly be shooing Gatsby away. While I am often seized by an idea for a new book, I’ve been resistant, due to the immediate and intense demands of time and energy. Baking? Forget it. At my age, I don’t need a tempting platter of sweets enrapturing me…


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14 responses to “Fascination

  1. this was such an interesting post Paula, I really enjoyed reading it.

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  2. Apparently the Latin word rapum means turnip. I wonder if the raptor’s rapturous gaze was directed at a turnip it was about to ravage.

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  3. I ❤️ these kinds of posts; reading them helps me get to know you better.

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  4. You’re so right that creating something from scratch is very fascinating.

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  5. Creativity is fascinating, Paula, and I also love the written word. Just curious, what is the earliest poem or story you recall writing? Mine was about a cookie jar (which we did not have). I should have added my fascination for jewelry making. Turning raw metal into a piece of jewelry is modern day alchemy! I also love lapidary, but you are right – both are expensive. Thanks for joining in again this week.

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  6. In the 4th or 5th grade or somewhere in there my friend and I decided to publish a newspaper. In a spurt of plagiarism we called it The Daily Mud, after something in Mad Magazine. I must have mentioned this before, but I find it interesting how those early childhood interests so often pop up in later life.
    If my identity confuses, it is because I formed a new WP blog and I believe I’m logged on as something different than usual.
    Roy (Blogorahmah)

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