The Gift

Mittens hands heart gift snow

Christmas was closing in and he began to panic. He’d already bought presents for everyone on his list… except her. He could go with something timeless, such as jewelry, or he could take a chance on a new gadget. They really hadn’t known each other that long, so he had no idea what she would treasure or find offensive. “Just give from the heart” was the conventional wisdom, but that didn’t help him. In the end, he ghosted her, which reduced his anxiety immeasurably when he crossed off her name.

She was devastated to get dumped on Christmas, but she soon realized that his absence was the greatest gift of all.


Image from Happy Color. Written for Go Dog Go Café’s Tuesday Writing Prompt.

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  1. Good for her!

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  2. Great story Paula! ❤

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  3. True colors speak volumes

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  4. Good one Paula.

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  5. I guess it all worked out in the end. They weren’t made for each other.

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