Got Any Change?

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For this Truthful Tuesday, PCGuyIV challenges us to discuss how our blogging has changed over time. Buckle up!

When I first began a blog, around 2004, it was simply something other writers were doing, so I followed along. I quickly became competitive and kept a close watch on my stats, posting lots of funny stuff along with edgy opinions and provocative questions to drive views and comments. I also encouraged trolls and jerks, instead of blocking them as I do now. It all came to a halt over what some old-time readers may recall as the ”Pit Bull War.” Not gonna rehash that!

I took a break for a while and then returned with a couple versions of silly, bland blogs, which focused on mild daily trivia. Then my mom got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in December 2007 and I lost interest in the silly blogs. I began a private blog, inviting only a few trusted friends, to discuss my mom and my feelings about her illness. I ended that blog shortly after her death in April 2008.

I began seeing a married man in 2009 during my divorce and at first everything was great with that relationship. But by early 2010 it was off and on terrible, so I began this blog to cope with my feelings. Since I wasn’t anonymous, I didn’t talk about him directly, but posted bits of lyrics and poetry to fit my mood. I had no interest in engaging with other bloggers at that point.

I dumped the married guy in September 2011, after my divorce became final. I began to take more interest in blogging again over the next several years, mainly bitching about dating sites and angsting over novel writing. Over time, I deleted posts that were too stupid or sad and eventually found the WP daily word prompt. This connected me with other WP writers and I felt part of a community. After WP ended their prompt, several of us began our own, which has been fun and motivating.

This year, I decided to make a clean break from my blogging past, deleted all my old content and started fresh in April. Well, not totally fresh ~ I saved my favorite posts to repost, and the annoying Internet Archive has a pile of others (not a lot, but still). I ended a couple prompts, kept the Monday Peeve, and added Paint Chip Friday, which will run until December 31. I’ll probably begin a new prompt next year, and it will also have an end date.

Nowadays, I like to post original poetry and flash fiction, participate in a few prompts, and occasionally share a personal story. I don’t usually post photos only or share one-liners because I prefer my blog to be more writing-focused. Some of my readers have purchased my books for sale, and I am grateful for that. My blogging mindset has changed over the past few years from using a blog to sell other writing to showcasing some of my best writing right here.

I am thankful for all my readers. You may note that I have a very low number of followers compared to others in the community. That’s because I’ve recently begun to delete any follower who isn’t interested in engagement ~ my count recently went from 2700 to 300! I have no patience for those marketing types or anyone who simply wants a follow-back without earning it. Thus, my follower count is actually more accurate. Nyah!


Image from Pexels.

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22 responses to “Got Any Change?

  1. Evolution is growth and your blog and writing are growing and changing constantly. It was a bold move, culling the followers but now it really is a true depiction of real people who follow your blog.

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  2. I’m impressed that you were able to keep up sparring with trolls for any length of time. It sounds exhuasting!

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  3. This was a seriously insightful post into who you are Paula. Good read and valid points raised and highlighted too. I also underwent a huge shake up and rake out, l wish my lower figures however did honestly reflect the truer number, sadly they do not, no idea why.

    I shifted a lot of the fluffy stuffy stuff out to produce more viable written content that l felt personally made more impact with me and and others too. i wanted more ‘me time’ and l have achieved that.

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  4. WordPress is one of those platforms which helps us grow together. Blogging never leaves you lonely, whether you are sad, or joyous. The first paragraph of this post perfectly describes me as a blogger.

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  5. I enjoyed reading this. It was so interesting to hear about how the other factors in your life influenced your approach to blogging.

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  6. I should delete some of my followers, because they have no meaning for me, but most are harmless and I am too lazy to do that.

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  7. I’ve thrown away blogs and started over several times now. I do keep the content, but not sure why. I continue to think that blog writing is dependent on context, much like letter writing, I guess, and old stuff doesn’t resonate like one would hope. Hardly anyone reads my blog, which makes me a little unhappy, but I realize it’s my own fault. If fault must be placed, but it probably doesn’t matter. I believe I will never figure out why people write.

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  8. I’m glad that we connected. I enjoy your blog very much, Paula. 💜


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