Otter Smile

Sherman Gardens otter

Saturday I joined a meetup group for lunch at Sherman Library and Gardens, which is a peaceful little oasis right near me. Until recently, I hadn’t known it existed, so this was a lovely surprise. I must have passed it a thousand times over the past 25 years on the Pacific Coast Highway in Corona del Mar, but I can be oblivious. Anyway, I arrived early and parking was a breeze ~ you won’t hear me saying that very often! I found a spot right on the street, but they have a lot in back also. The entrance fee was a modest five bucks, though the lunch menu was a bit pricey. Everything was delicious though, and it’s all farm to table, so the produce was super-fresh and bursting with flavor. I had the “Shermie salad,” which was wonderful.

Shermie salad

I walked around before and after lunch, relaxing in the lush, green atmosphere. Everything was so well laid out and pretty. A bunch of cute little girls were running around in princess dresses for a birthday party, which added to the charm. There was a sweet gift shop and I had fun browsing for a few minutes. I got excited when I saw the otter statue (image at top of post) and knew immediately it would be my smile for the week!

PS: I didn’t visit the library. Next time!


Images are mine from Sherman Gardens.

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14 responses to “Otter Smile

  1. I have paid a cover charge as an entrance fee to get into a nightclub, but never for a restaurant. Usually the fee is for the entertainment and I don’t think that I would pay $5 just to look at a menu.

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  2. As long as you enjoyed your time spent there and your meal, that was the most important part.

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  3. Those are some very dark pink flamingos. I like that Google autocompletes “why are lawn flamingos a thing” for me. I think plastic flamingos are less of a thing up here in the great white north. I do like the otter, though.

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  4. It sounds lovely … I have a garden/walk called the Zen Gardens of the Five Senses.
    There are areas for each of the 5 senses. This reminded me of that.
    Have a wonderful week … Isadora 😎

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  5. Aww! Nice! Happy smiling! xo

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