Color Pop Cat [socs]

Cocoa kitty cat blue eyes

I love this pic of Cocoa. The muting of all colors to black, gray, and white emphasizes her beautiful blue eyes. Back in the day, we had to do our own color pop pics, but now Google does it for us, if we put the app on our phone. Well, it doesn’t do it exactly the way I would like, by leaving only one object ~ it will keep a whole person and grey out the rest, which is still fun to see.

Cocoa was a wonderful kitty, showing up in 2004 just before I had surgery. It was ”simple” surgery, outpatient, but all surgery is scary and has the potential to turn out badly. It had been years since I’d had a kitty in my life, due to my eldest’s allergies, but she’d grown out of them. She loved Cocoa. Younger daughter did too and agreed to the name, only if it had an “a” at the end. Coco sounds like a stripper, she said. (She was 11.)

The next year Tiki joined us, and it was so nice having two kitties again. Gatsby was an only cat for a long time, but now we live with Tiger, so he has furry company. Tiger tolerates him; I think she would prefer to be an only! I used to dream of owning a big house with loads of cats, but this is close enough.

RIP sweet Cocoa.


Image is mine.

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33 responses to “Color Pop Cat [socs]

  1. Aww, she’s adorable.

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  2. Awww rip sweet cocoa!

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  3. I miss having cats but am out of town a lot ❤️

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  4. What a beautiful picture.

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  5. Our fur babies add so much to our lives.

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  6. 😻 What a gorgeous photo, Paula!

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  7. Cocoa is beautiful. Your younger’s commentary on the name made me giggle — I’ve got one who has big opinions too. I’m a little sleep deprived, though, so it also made me picture your kitty on a stripper pole and *that* brought on more giggles. Love your post!

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  8. Her nose was a heart 😻 RIP all the sweet furbabies 😢 🌈

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  9. Such a beautiful cat and an endearing story. ❤️

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  10. Absolutely beautiful 💜

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  11. It’s been so strange in my place this last month, absolutely lacking in cat energy. Cocoa looks like she was a darling.

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  12. What is the name of the app you used?

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  13. She was a very pretty kitty!

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