Mom’s Flowered Suitcase [repost]


I stood alone at the empty carousel. It had finished spinning out the bags from my flight and mine wasn’t among them. I glanced at the people around me–they were busily texting and briskly wheeling their suitcases outdoors toward ground transportation.

“What did it look like?” The friendly customer service rep was trying to help me find my lost bag as I waited in her office.

I was a little embarrassed. “It was small. And green. With um bright flowers all over it.”

She smiled. “Oh! We have it here. I’m sorry but it seems to have come apart a bit, so we kept it safe.”

“That’s the one.” There was no mistaking the unique floral case the rep brought out from the back. It had been shabby to start with, but now the handle was dangling off and one side was shredded. “It was my mother’s. I guess I’ve had a hard time letting it go.”

“I understand. I could tape it up as a temporary solution.”

As I watched, I thought of the broken vase and the lost earring and the other disappearing mementos. They would all be gone eventually, except for the ones in my heart.


Written for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner. (Cheated a bit ~ this is a true story.) Image from Pexels.

©️2021 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon. Thank you.

25 responses to “Mom’s Flowered Suitcase [repost]

  1. This made me cry. Which means it is good writing.

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  2. The rains often make me wonder if large PUC handbags could be used to conceal a few dilapidated, but fave ones inside. Your story revived the idea. Thanks!

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  3. A lovely write and a good response to the prompt. thank you

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  4. Sometimes the shortest stories are the most poignant. Very nice.

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  5. Hi there! Good strategy having the brightly colored suitcase. With 75 percent of the stuff on the carousel being black it helps with the quick “scuzemethatoneismine” and off to GT!

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  6. (sniff)

    I love this little heart-tugging story.


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  7. “…the broken vase and the lost earring and the other disappearing mementos. They would all be gone eventually, except for the ones in my heart.” Touchingly beautiful, thank you for the share

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  8. Thought of you when this post happened , much love and warm wishes

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  9. I have very few mementoes of my mother, either, but you’re right, there are the memories.

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  10. A poignant story Paula

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  11. My niece came up with this theory that said if you have two bags and one of yours is the first to come out, then your next bag will be one of the last and we used to call this Teresina’ Law of Luggage. I worked for a company that manufactured airport conveyor systems and I programmed several carousels.

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  12. Your story is so touching. There are certain items that are hard to throw out in the trash. They hold so many memories.

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