PCF11: Sunset Nostalgia

Sunrise sunset

As the sunset glows golden,
I remember your kiss,
The sky in your eyes,
And making a wish.
Nostalgia sweeps over me
Like a warm summer wave,
Pulling me under
Into memory’s cave.
I’d rather stay dreaming
Of the love I once had
Than face these black nights,
Alone, and so sad.


Welcome to my Friday afternoon paint chip prompt. There are other paint chip prompts out there, but they’re very precise in what they ask for. Mine is open ~ write a poem, a story, a memory, whatever you like. Take your inspiration this week from Valspar’s “sunset glow” and/or “nostalgia.” Tag your post Paint Chip Friday, or PCF, if you wish. Prompt will continue until December 31.

Image credit to LynnMcK Photography. Poetry form is multiple rhyming quatrains.

©️2021 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon. Thank you.

10 responses to “PCF11: Sunset Nostalgia

  1. Nice poem. But sad!

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  2. Powerful, Paula. Raw and beautiful. 💙

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  3. Such a poignant poem. Exquisite lines…

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  4. I definitely can relate to the sentiments in your poem. Dreaming in memory’s cave is better than the black nights alone.

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