Transition [repost]

doorway sunset

Neither here nor there,
She waits
To regenerate,
Like a starfish
Missing a limb,
Only this is her heart.
She stays in the doorway,
Between the light too bright
And the darkness
So frightening.
In transition,
Away from the known,
Toward the unknown,
She floats,
Hollow, vague,
With nothing to follow,
Nowhere to go.


Image from Pexels.

Poetry form: free verse.

©️2021 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon. Thank you.

13 responses to “Transition [repost]

  1. A brilliant poem. Loved the work with the prompt and the Halloween vibes 🙂 (atleast based on my interpretation).

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  2. I hate the feeling of living in limbo. You captured the feeling so well.

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  3. Wonderful poetry and a great image too. Great work Paula.

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  4. Loved this!

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  5. great poem, Paula! ❤ ❤

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