TMP31: Deliveries

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Welcome to my refreshed Monday Peeve! Unburden yourself of an annoyance and you’ll feel better afterward. Or not. Complain in my comments or crab in your own post. Doesn’t have to be on a Monday. You do you.

This week I am extra super duper annoyed at delivery services. Everyone complains about the USPS, but I don’t generally have an issue with them, though I realize we are getting normal mail a day or two later than usual. I do wish there could be an option NOT to receive any advertising or political garbage/surveys, as that crap really stuffs up the mailbox. Anyway…

Here are the companies currently on my sh!t list. Amazon has been in my doghouse ever since they quit dropping off cat litter at the door. That box is HEAVY, and the only reason I buy it online is so I don’t have to carry it up from my car. But Amazon started leaving it at my mailbox downstairs because THEY were too lazy/pressed for time to bring it up. Ugh! Now I get my litter from Target, who delivers to the door. Amazon has also been squishing everything they can into my mailbox, which has damaged a few items (like a picture frame). God forbid Bezos makes a bit less money by hiring more delivery people so they have time to come upstairs!

Next up is Chadwicks who took forever to process a refund, which annoyed me so much I now toss their catalogs in the trash unopened.

This week we have JCPenney (via UPS) who sent me a notification that my item arrived when it didn’t. I called them and they said give it a few days because delivered doesn’t mean delivered. Oh. Silly me, assuming words have meanings. Two days later, still NOTHING. They are definitely going on my do-not-buy-again list with Chadwicks. (Update: JPC reshipped the sweater.)

Finally, we have FedEx, who sent me an invoice for ELEVEN packages when I had shipped one. Geez! Wtf is wrong with these places? I called them and received a credit, but still!

These are the companies who (so far) have not screwed up deliveries to me this year: Macy’s, Target, and Wal*Mart. They will be getting more of my biz. And I am rethinking Amazon altogether. Not only has their delivery service gone bad, but I can’t find any good movies to watch on Prime either!


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  1. What a bother. Must be so frustrating.

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  2. will deliver your cat litter to your front door.

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  3. I’ve actually had the opposite in terms of Amazon. Amazon brings stuff to my door every time, but deliveries from multiple other companies don’t. A delivery from one pet supply company was left in my building’s lobby, and it was bulky and heavy. A delivery from another pet company was left outside the building, with no attempt to buzz me to be let into the building.

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  5. It’s mostly good here fir deliveries but I ordered packing boxes a week ago from local WM and they are delayed still not here?

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  6. You can call Chadwick’s (or any other catalog you don’t want) and ask them to take you off their catalog list. All the ones we’ve done that with have stopped.

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  7. Sounds like we can’t count on anyone anymore to do their job. We don’t order anything for delivery, but have recently had the delay from the post office. Sent my grandson a card, usually takes 4 days, and it was over a week before he got it.

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  8. When I moved back to California that one time, I used a U-Haul shipping container. They gave me a “guaranteed delivery date” of a certain Thursday. Friday it still hadn’t arrived. I called U-Haul and they told me there was a delay, and that the new “guaranteed delivery date” was the following Friday. I said I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic.

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  9. Sounds annoying. I hope your ankles are better now 🙂

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  10. I live in a condo apartment building and we have a ‘concierge’/front desk person 24/7 and they sign for/accept all deliveries (except food and groceries – those get sent up directly to apartments). We then get an email that we have a delivery and we go downstairs to pick it up. Depending on who is working the front desk, sometimes they can convince the delivery person to drop off heavy items directly to the apartment. I used to get kitty litter and cat food from Chewy and it was delivered via FedEx – so having the front desk cajole the FedEx driver to bring it directly to my apartment was always a nice thing. I have a collapsible luggage cart that I use when I know a delivery is heavy.

    Because there are so many deliveries to building all delivery services are really efficient because they know it is basically just one drop. Deliveries from Amazon are only iffy when they use the USPS – I’ve had more packages lost by them than any other service.

    My big problem is with groceries – the grocery store delivery system uses Apple maps to find my building and they always get sent to the wrong place!

    (Have you tried the exercise I sent you yet? Did it help?)

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