HC23: Grave

Grave cemetery stone vampira

This is a pic I took during my 2015 group tour of the Hollywood Forever cemetery. I’d never heard of Vampira until seeing Maila Nurmi’s gravestone, but apparently she was the original Elvira. Vampira was TV’s first horror host, from 1954-1955, in her series The Vampira Show. Here’s another interesting tidbit: the idea for Vampira came from Maila attending a party in a costume inspired by Charles Addams’ comic strip character Morticia. (Morticia Addams, hello!) Maila caught a producer’s attention and voila.


Image is mine. Info from Wikipedia. Written for Tourmaline’s Halloween Challenge.

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8 responses to “HC23: Grave

  1. Omg so irritating when the text of the post is in a photo caption! This has happened a few times now. Just another STUPID glitchy WP thing to drive me nuts. Fixed now 😡


  2. Yup, she’s the original and when it came to campy horror-show mistress, the master. But the one I always had a thing for was Elvira, Queen of the Dark (Cassandra Gay Peterson). No headstone for her, being as she’s still alive and all.

    Elvira is the one for whom I invented the phrase “All Day, Every Day, Till She Gets Sick Of Me And Throws My Ass Out”. She’s near my age, for starters, and knows her way around a pushup bra and campy sexuality better than anyone ever. On top of that, and I just recently found this out, she’s actually a redhead. Figures. They’re always desperately dangerous territory for me.

    But seriously, how wrong can you go with a woman who started her career at 16 or 17 years of age performing as a woman dressed as a man dressed as a drag queen in blackface doing a “Supremes” tribute in a gay bar (The Purple Cow) in Colorado Springs, and supplementing THAT with a gig as a go-go girl at a place that was the go-to for soldiers at Fort Carson, CO?

    Match made in heaven is my vote, except for the niggling detail that she’s been in a long-term relationship with a woman since her divorce from the last male with whom she got fed up with and threw his ass out in 2002.

    No disrespect and all credit to Vampira — she broke new ground. But Elvira made it pneumatic.

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