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Ankles feet sandals

I am not happy with my ankles. Oh, they look fine, but they aren’t very supportive. Never have been. I don’t merely mean I can’t ice skate (which I can’t), but I have to be so careful just walking around. Needless to say, I’ve given up sexy heels and cute shoes in favor of grandma frumpies, since falling at my age is no joke. I have fallen a lot over the years, less in the past 10, yet these falls have been more traumatic.

When I was a kid, I sprained my ankle many times (usually the right one, I think) and my mom would tape it up for a few days. It’s not like I did anything crazy either ~ my ankle would wobble and turn over nothing. And it hurt so much. Welp, nothing has changed. The other week my right ankle suddenly wobbled and I fell on my left side. My ankle wasn’t sprained, but it ached for a few days. But unlike when I was 10, falling at age 60 means that my back is even more messed up than usual. For over 2 weeks now, the sciatica down my left leg has been horrendously painful.

This is partly why I have been less active on my blog ~ it’s too hard to focus on writing fiction when I’m in so much discomfort. Every day I wake up with my left leg throbbing and it takes a while before I can even THINK about anything else. The pain is a little better now, but there’s still a long way to go before my “normal” level of back pain resumes. But I don’t blame my back ~ this entire fiasco is my right ankle’s fault! Why are you so wobbly?!


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34 responses to “Ankles [socs]

  1. Ugh, that sacks. I’ve had a few falls and sprained ankles, and it’s definitely not fun.

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  2. Ankles are notorious for getting sprained over nothing! I hope you get well soon ❤️‍🩹

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  3. So sorry my friend! I hope you feel better soon

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  4. Sciatica is no joke, that really hurts. I hope that you feel better soon Paula.

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  5. Some years ago when my spine crashed and burned, I as in P/T for 4 months, it’s the only reason I am walking today, one of the most brilliant things I learned was a piriformis stretch which is a sciatica relieving stretch that you can do in bed before you get up, as well as sitting in a chair – we are talking like 5 minutes of your time, I do it every day whether I am having sciatic pain or not. I can’t find a youtube video with the exact stretch I was taught but I still have my P/T “homework” instructions and I will scan the piriformis stretch and email it to you. Trust me – it SO works.

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  6. Owwww! Falls can be so painful. I fell when I was in Florida several months back. My knees, ribs, and palms were a mess. It took months before my ribs felt normal again. Take care of yourself, Paula.

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  7. I have lived with sciatic pain in left hip snd leg since age 18 when an injury caused it. Horrible

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  8. I hope you feel better soon. I totally understand wanting to get back to “normal” pain levels.

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  9. Oh and have you had a DEXA scan yet? It is to check for osteoporosis – I had my first one on Friday, they are usually recommended as a postmenopausal scan, I’ve just avoided it even tho it is totally painless and easy-peasy – at age 75 my numbers are in the “normal for a 30 year old” (why they chose that age as a standard I have no idea) but in the low part of the range. Still – it is the only normal thing about my body at this point in time. Yay?

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  10. Sciatica SUCKS!! I only really had trouble with it when I was pregnant, I can’t image dealing with it full time☹

    I *can* relate on the ankle thing though. Mine are week and wobbly too. It’s another reason I prefer to be barefoot, or socks when it’s cold, it makes me feel more stable when I’m walking around. Not in public spaces though cuz gross.

    I hope that dang nerve settles back where it belongs and your pain reduces🤞

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  11. Hope you feel better soon. I twisted my ankle years ago and it tripled in size, but nothing was broken and a cold compress and lots of TLC did the trick. However, ‘swaying’ in the street to some jolly good buskers, something went ping in my heel and I was on crutches for 2 weeks. Not funny.

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  12. Sending you love, hugs and heeling vibes 💜

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  13. I hope you will have a complete and pain free recovery soon. Sciatica is no joke!!

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  14. Ouch, hope you feel better soon.

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  15. So sorry!! That sucks! I once pulled a back muscle when coughing, so can relate to the frustration of accidental self-sabotage.
    Hugs 🤗🤗 from someone who has never sprained an ankle

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  16. ouch! A fall on your ankle is never fun! Its damn painful!

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