Shopping Habits [fpq]

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Fandango provocatively asks…

During the height of the pandemic, to what extent did you avail yourself of online shopping for meals, groceries, and other goods and services? If you did use online shopping and delivery services, now that things have eased up a bit, has your reliance on or use of such service continued at the same rate, increased, or decreased. To what extent?

In March of 2020, when we all realized that Covid was a bfd, I stayed home from work for a while and was terrified to go out, touch anything, or breathe. While I had been ordering miscellaneous stuff online for years (vitamins, clothes, gifts, etc.), I had never used grocery or meal delivery services. I tried to set up grocery delivery during the beginning of the lockdown and every attempt failed ~ through Amazon, Target, and Vons. I’d load up a virtual cart only to be told at checkout that none of the items were actually available and/or that there were no delivery times available. It was incredibly frustrating.

So I kept going to the grocery store. I went super early, the minute they opened, and hurried through, masked of course, trying to touch as little as possible. When I got home, I swiped everything with alcohol wipes, including my steering wheel, purse, keys, credit card, and all the groceries. It was completely nucking futz. Naturally, I was extremely relieved when it turned out we didn’t have to do any of that alcohol wiping.

But as far as shopping during the worst of Covid (assuming the worst is over!), I basically carried on as usual. I went to meatspace stores to buy things I needed that I couldn’t get online. The above pic is from a farmers’ market outing with friends. We felt relatively safe outdoors, though we wore masks even at the beach, which in my opinion is an enormous pain. I hate masks. They are hot and annoying, and they make my glasses slip off. My glasses actually fell off and broke at one point (in my office building) and are currently held together with superglue. Yes, I understand this is minor compared to being on a ventilator, thanks.

I’m triple vaxxed now and lately I’ve been doing whatever ~ restaurants, movies, game nights indoors, etc. I will be flying to NorCal in November to spend Thanksgiving with my daughter and son-in-law. Last year I drove, but ugh… 7 hours in the car is really painful for my back. I feel safer now that I’ve had so many vaccines (not just for Covid but also for the flu and shingles), and California has a high percentage of sensible people who are fully vaxxed as well. I don’t always love living here with the ridiculous taxes and cost of housing, but I am grateful for the way most of us in this state have behaved during the pandemic.


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13 responses to “Shopping Habits [fpq]

  1. Masks are hot and annoying- yeah, say it! And then there’s all this oil in your face that gathers, which along with the heat can deep fry a potato into crispy French fries! Ick. Sorry!

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  2. Flying sounds more civilized than such a long drive, especially now with people being vaxxed.

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  3. I got my flu and shingles shots, but I’m still awaiting Moderna to be formally approved for jab #3.

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  4. Totally agree with you about how our state has handled the kootie.
    Since I live in a mixed neighborhood, it never looked any different during lockdowns. I went to the same places I went pre-kootie. The mask was the only difference.

    I was inside the mall today at 10am with my mask pulled down😲 I pulled it back up when I went into WallyWorld to get my new glasses, and when I went into See’s cuz DUH!! choco.

    The delivery dudes/gals still come to my house regularly though cuz people 😱

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  5. When it came to shopping, everything was kept pretty normal around my house. We probably got food shopping delivery once or twice a month. As the weather has gotten nicer, I actually try to get the food shopping from the supermarket, instead of delivery. During lockdowns here though, only one person can go to the shops. It’s kind of funny, because I spend about the same amount of money when I go to the supermarket, as when we get it delivered. We’re not currently in lock down now though =D

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  6. I used the grocery service once during the pandemic but that was because my car was in the shop. It was a total PITA. The shopper texted me at least 5 times because they ran out of a specific thing and i had to see all the options so I could authorize a substitution. Never used it again. Still wear a mask in the store despite being vaxxed. Too many people around I wouldn’t want to breathe next to anyway. Like Jack said in As Good As It Gets, “It’s a judgement call.”

    Please send Miles good vibes. He hasn’t eaten in days, and hasn’t responded to appetite stimulants. I’m really afraid for my boy.

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