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I’ve seen some peeps asking about NaNoWriMo, which I have participated in many times over the years, hitting 50K words on several occasions. I did not NaNo last year though, nor am I doing it this year. Frankly, I can’t imagine ever doing it again.

I achieved my goal of completing full-length novels ~ I have 4 novels, 1 novella, 4 short stories, and 6 books of poetry, all available for purchase on Kindle. None of them sell, partly because I despise marketing and partly because there are so many indie books for sale that it is impossible for an ordinary writer to get any attention, marketing or not. I have friends who advertise and they do sell more books, but the sales do not exceed what they spend on ads. And maybe the simple fact is that I am not good enough to stand out from the crowd… something to consider.

But doesn’t my love for writing overcome such a silly concern as making money at it? Well, yes and no. I can post poetry here on my blog to get my words seen by readers, and that’s satisfying even without financial compensation. Toiling away on a novel month after month only to get a handful of buyers? Nah. That is not appealing. In fact, my feeling right now is that I will be leaving my half-finished novels in the cloud until the end of time, or deleting them. It troubles my OCD to have WIPs lurking, so it’s more likely I will delete them. They are romances, so no great loss there.

I have something else however: a series of longer short stories that ultimately connect into a whole. About half are finished, which leaves 6 or so to write. I really like these and don’t want to abandon them, so I’m thinking about posting them here. I don’t want them lost in the mass of prompts and such, so I’ll have to figure out a better way, such as making a separate page for each.

There’s a quote going around about how writers turn into monsters if we can’t express ourselves. First, I think it is bad for anyone not to have an avenue of expression for their emotions, whether it’s writing, painting, or simply chatting to a friend. Second, as far as my “monster” tendencies, they have nothing to do with writing (or not writing) and everything to do with stressful circumstances. Finally, for the past few weeks, I’ve been watching more TV than writing, and I don’t feel the least bit monstery because of that.

But what if I didn’t even have a blog? Well, for most of my life I didn’t have one and that was fine. There were many years I wrote nothing but the occasional letter. I am still enjoying this blog though, especially since my refresh, and I appreciate the blogging community. But I do have to take the occasional step back and reevaluate all the things. I haven’t been participating in as many prompts as I used to, particularly the ones that specify word count and/or syllables. I find that makes my work sound stilted. Basically, I only do prompts that actually inspire my creativity, including words of the day when they combine to trigger a fictional scene in my mind or a burst of poetic lines.


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17 responses to “Ruminating (moo!)

  1. I’m very glad this did not discourage you from blogging. Selling books on Amazon is hard indeed. When I was 15, I published a book on AmaZon, with only a handful of buyers. Very unsurprising considering that it’s a similar case for writers as prolific as yourself. Nevertheless, I think it would be sad if you decided not to finish your drafts and publish them. You’re an amazing writer with very vivid imagination. Would be lovely to see more of your work on Amazon. I’m planning to buy your book “Ghosted” very soon. Here’s hoping the drafts turn out to be big hit!

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  2. Express yourself in whatever manner brings you joy. We will be here ready to read your work whenever you desire to share.

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  3. Selling books is not easy. And yes you need to advertise and that costs money. But do keep on writing here on your blog. It’s always a pleasure to visit your blog.

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  4. Please keep writing Paula (well Inknow you will anyway) as I agree so strongly with the person who said that you have a great imagination (did I read that righr?)You ARE a brilliant writer and I find it so sad that writers like you can publish but then not sell too many books. I would love to read your short stories Paula, and it would be great if you post them here. I think you are a great writer. Keep going.

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  5. Only repeating the sentiments expressed here about the short stories. Just FYI–not to goad . . .
    When I was a kid liked to write letters to people. They went on and on–I wish I could read them now, because I suspect they were not entirely unlike blog posts.
    The only prompt type things I have written on the Internet were flash fiction types, where I was pretty loose about the subject matter applying to the prompt, but treated the word count as a challenge. I think it was useful as it seemed to help me zero in on things and make the writing tighter.

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  6. I think your books are very good. I have no idea how any indie authors manage to sell fiction or poetry books.

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  7. Mm, l think that should have read Hear hear, but then l too am more in favour of the here and now, not the hear and there 🙂

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