Haunting Share [syw]

Share your world claw egg

Melanie terrifies us today with the reminder that it’s the third week of October, yikes! Let’s get to her freshly hatched questions, shall we…

1. Are you easily frightened or startled?

Yes, actually, and I have always been. A boy who liked to tease girls in 7th grade by coming up behind them and tickling their ribs did that to me only ONCE. I automatically whirled around and elbowed him super hard in the stomach. Oopsie!

2. If you were a ghost, what location do you think you would haunt? Is it the same or different from the location you’d want to haunt?

I would haunt a couple exes to see how miserable they are without me, and if they aren’t miserable, I’d try to change that. Not sure why I couldn’t visit more than one, since I’m a ghost and can float about as I please with no need for advance registration.

3. What do you see in your mind’s eye when you close your eyes?  (I know somebody will answer ‘the inside of my eyelids”, so I took the temptation away by answering that first! 😜   Feel free to use that answer if you like though, or pass. It’s ALL good!)

It depends what I’m thinking about before I close my eyes. Right now, I see the faces of exes because of the previous question!

4. If a Semi (Big Rig in Americanese) (lorry or trolley over the pond) were about to smash into a crowd, and you could divert the vehicle’s course to hit only one person, would you?  How would you decide who would become the victim?

Of course! And there would be no problem deciding, since I already have a list. (See question 2.)

5. Please feel free to share what makes you feel warm and cozy when the wind blows cold?

Hot tea, cozy blanket, purring kitty.


Image credit to Melanie.

©️2021 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon. Thank you.

12 responses to “Haunting Share [syw]

  1. Hilarious answers Paula.

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  2. Haha amazing answers! The second question had me dead lol.

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  3. I also have a shit list of people that would be in line for the truck. Not exes, but generally shitty people.

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  4. Loved your second answer Paula.

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  5. Thanks, Paula, for Sharing Your World! I did that accidental hitting a guy once when I was about 16 years old. He was fond of grabbing random females and being weird (I know now that he was uber horny (what teenage male isn’t), but geez. Ask first) and he tried it with me once behind the curtain on the stage in the gym, and I got him right in the nuts and berries… LOL. Not hard, but enough to get the point across not to unexpectedly grab me. Still cracks me up at the shock on his face because I was known to be very ‘shy’. Purring fur children (or snuggly ones) are the best ‘blankets’ and comfort providers when the temperatures drop! Have a fun week! 🙂

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