SLS: Telephone

Woman phone text bed night

Jim Adams is our tuneful host for Song Lyric Sunday and today’s prompt is from Di @ pensitivity101. I chose “Because the Night” by the Patti Smith Group. The song was written by Patti and Bruce Springsteen and was first released as a single in 1978 from Patti’s album Easter. Bruce originally did an early version of the song himself, live in 1977, but he wasn’t happy with it. Jimmy Iovine, who was Bruce’s engineer and Patti’s producer, suggested giving it to her. Bruce agreed and Patti wrote her own lyrics. It became her biggest hit, reaching No. 13 on Billboard and No. 5 in the UK. Many other artists have covered the song, including Natalie Merchant (10,000 Maniacs), who ended up at No. 11 on Billboard. Bruce continues to perform his version at concerts, while Patti’s version is her best-known song…

“Have I doubt when I’m alone
Love is a ring, the telephone
Love is an angel disguised as lust
Here in our bed until the morning comes
Come on now try and understand
The way I feel under your command
Take my hand as the sun descends
They can’t touch you now,
Can’t touch you now, can’t touch you now…”


Image from Pixabay.

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10 responses to “SLS: Telephone

  1. I haven’t heard this in forever! Thanks for reminding me of a great song!!🎶🥳💃🏼💕

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  2. I don’t know many Patti Smith songs, but I am very familiar with this one. Really nice choice Paula.

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  3. Super song! I like this one, but have only ever heard the version from Natalie Merchant. 🙂

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  4. good choice paula! this is a great song! ❤

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