The Cliff’s Notes

Fantasy reading romance novel book

I skipped a stone
On a placid day;
Waves burst alive
In serenade.
Ripples teemed
With glitterfish;
The lake went still.
I made a wish.

“I too am made
Of sugar and spice
And everything
Don’t be afraid
Of this
Hand grenade.”

Memory strands
Fray and break.
Our time together–
Bliss or mistake?
I can’t decipher
This tangled skein;
Can’t unwind
Thirst from rain.

Not so cryptic
After all–
Just the slide
Before the fall.
People do
What they have done;
I should have known
You’d turn and run.

Your verbal knife
Gleams sharpest steel;
I’m so quick to bleed,
So slow to heal.
But silence drowns me,
So cut away–
My hand is full
Of love’s band-aids.


Image credit to Jim Warren. Poetry from: free verse (curated from tweets).

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