HC14: My Boo Cat [repost]

gatsby kitty cat love hearts

He is mostly sweet and cuddly,
A soft and friendly buddy,
Who purrs and chats,
A lovely cat
Yet every so often
He launches a stealth attack,
A furmissile of teeth
And vicious rippy claws,
Once, twice, and done…
Then back to being my
Little boo boo honey bun.

[Written in 2018 and he’s still my boo.]


Image is mine. Poetry form is free verse.

Reposted for Tourmaline’s Halloween Challenge.

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12 responses to “HC14: My Boo Cat [repost]

  1. He. Is. Adorable. Cats are where perfection stops.

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  2. How quickly their moods change!

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  3. Typical cat. Wonderful cat. ❤


  4. Aww how sweet! 😻

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  5. What a beautiful little boo boo honey bun!

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