The Spider Fight


“I move to quash your complaint,” Barry said. ”And furthermore—“

“This isn’t a courtroom, Barry,” Melinda told him as she took the chicken out of the oven. ”All I asked was for you to kill that spider.”

“Yes, but there was no need for such a fracas in the middle of the night. It could have waited until morning.”

Melinda rolled her eyes. ”It was dangling over the toilet, Barry! And I needed to go. Plus, it’s creepy to let it stay there, hanging around to pounce on us.”

“Objection!” Barry yelled. ”Spiders do not pounce. And in the zenith of your frenzy, you called the fire department, which I find highly inappropriate.”

“I don’t need your seal of approval to protect myself from nasty creatures,” Melinda replied as she stirred the veggies. ”You know how I feel about spiders.”




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16 responses to “The Spider Fight

  1. There are no more “Buts”, once you are “Overruled”.

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  2. I have arachnophobia and my poor neighbors have on occasion heard a scream followed by furious vacuuming late at night. I am happy to say that the last two spiders who dared to literally hang out in my bedroom were captured and unceremoniously but energetically dumped out the window.

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  3. I often remove spiders at home. I am scared of lots of animals, but I am totally OK with letting spiders crawl all over my hands!

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  4. Haha! Good one Paula

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  5. I don’t like spiders as much as the next person, but calling the fire department seems a bit extreme!

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  6. Hahaha!
    I don’t like spiders either! Poor lady! ❤

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