Carousel [repost]

Carousel sunset

A summer fair:
Skin against skin,
Rigged games never win,
Sticky hands at dusk,
Popcorn and popsicles,
Candy apple lust.
Ponies going up ponies going down;
Stardust wheel spins round and round.

Funhouse mirror dream distorted:
What you want baby I want now.
Purple twilight lemonade—
Shadows bend a promise fades,
Ponies rocking round and round,
Stardust wheel coming down.

A fair summer one and gone;
Winter bleached to the bone.


Photo by Lady Escabia on

Poetry form: free verse.

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9 responses to “Carousel [repost]

  1. Well, you tagged it maudlin barf, but I liked it. I like the way you evoked that sort of electric pre-adolescent fervor that had nowhere to go amid all that glittery, commercialized excitement.

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  2. What beautiful imagery created by your words Paula.

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  3. I love fairs. This is a fantastic poem.

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