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[Written in 2018.]

For some odd reason, I never saw Sabrina (the 1995 version with Harrison Ford) until this weekend, even though Prime constantly recommended it. I generally like Ford, and romcoms, so it’s baffling. Well, turns out I hated it. What a horrible movie! Maybe I had some weird subconscious warning, who knows.

This bloggery will spoil the movie, so if for some inexplicable reason you want to see it, quit reading now and go watch a cute kitty video.

Sabrina begins like a typical romcom with an obscenely wealthy family, two handsome brothers, and one cute daughter of the chauffeur  ~ too young for both of them. Oh sorry, I’m being judgy already. My bad. (But this isn’t an 1890s romcom, it’s set in the 1990s, so pffft.) Sabrina has a crush on the younger brother, David, but she bops off to Paris as a Vogue intern (because that’s believable), yada. While in Paris she learns that David has become engaged to a doctor and she’s heartbroken. Immediately, she morphs from a pretty young girl with a fresh face and long hair to a sophisticated vamp with short hair and impeccable style. Why? Dunno. But it seems to be a thing in movies and on TV that women chop off their hair to signal post-heartbreak fortitude.

Sabrina jets home to Long Island, where David doesn’t recognize her and starts his seductive routine until Linus (Ford) steps in to put a stop to it. The doctor fiance, you see, isn’t just any gorgeous doctor, but a TYSON, and Linus needs Daddy Tyson for a merger because of an indestructible TV screen. It’s complicated and worth a billion dollars. Sabrina and David aren’t dissuaded, but David sits on some champagne glasses and gets a cut-up butt. While he’s recovering, Linus begins to fake-woo Sabrina. Apparently, she’s this brainless, faithless dingbat who can easily transfer her lurve from one brother to another while he’s telling her a series of idiotic lies. Oh, this is my halfway house. Here is a homeless man I helped when he got out of prison. Sabrina the Paris “sophisticate” gobbles it all up. WTF?

Suddenly, Linus grows a conscience and decides he can’t do this any longer, right after he bought plane tix to Paris, for himself and Sabrina, where he was planning to ditch her, fly back home, and finish the Tyson deal. Linus confesses to Sabrina that he’s a horrible person, etc. He knows she’s always loved David, and he’s going to transfer his ticket to David’s name so they can go to Paris together and be happy. Sabrina takes her ticket, says goodbye to people, and leaves. David decides that Linus must really love Sabrina to jeopardize a billion dollars, tells him to keep his original ticket, and insists Linus go after her. David and the doc go on as if nothing happened, and the deal with Daddy Tyson continues unharmed.

Linus flies to Paris and reunites with Sabrina, who apparently would have fallen into the arms of whichever brother showed up! Gah. Not that anyone actually ever cares how Sabrina feels at any point in this whole freaking mishmash! Except maybe her father, the chauffeur, but he’s satisfied when Linus says that he needs Sabrina, and he’s never needed anything before. Okay, then!

So dumb. So enraging. I assume the older version is similar, but I’d have to pay to see it, so no thank you.

Also, I want to talk about the brothers’ mother, Nancy Marchand. Yes, Livia Soprano, Tony’s mommy dearest. It’s like she was auditioning for the Sopranos’ part in advance, I swear to God. She is the exact same character, and it freaked me out! I could not believe it. I was all, WTF is Livia Soprano doing at this fancy schmancy Long Island party? The same voice, the same tone, the same mannerisms. I expected Uncle Junior to pop in next. When she was lecturing Linus on going too far in wooing Sabrina and said, “I didn’t teach you this,” that was SO LIVIA. She was a bright spot in this otherwise terrible movie.

Nancy M. had a long and interesting career.


Image from Pixabay.

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19 responses to “Sabrina, 1995 [repost]

  1. I’ve seen this movie, ages ago, because Harrison Ford. Back then, it was all good because Harrison Ford. We grow up, we learn something, and suddenly an old favorite leaves a stench, or we find something new to admire in an oldie.

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    • Ford is still yummy, but Kinnear’s David is adorable and even though a rake, very charming. Plus he isn’t a lying, scheming jerk. He simply went after whichever girl he wanted honestly. He’ll probably cheat on the doc though, no doubt. Linus will be boringly faithful to Sabrina and they’ll have a good 10 years before she has to play nurse to his first heart attack. LOL


  2. I didn’t like that one either. But Nancy Marchand! She was so great as Livia. Very different than the slightly snooty newspaper publishing woman from “Lou Grant.”

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  3. I think she got an Emmy?

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  4. I’ll have to rewatch it. It’s one of my favorites. Maybe because it is so fantastical. I think I watched the old one, too, but don’t remember it because I liked the new one better.


  5. Based on your review, I think I may hate it too.
    I somehow always share your tastes in books/movies.

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  6. Sabrina should know better than to get involved with rich dudes. She should ditch lying Linus and take up with the gardner. That’s the movie I want to see.

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  7. If you get a chance, watch the original *Sabrina* with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart. You won’t believe that they’re the same story. Part of the charm is the age difference between Linus and Sabrina, which is even more pronounced with Bogart and Hepburn than with Ford and Ormond.

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  8. I just loved the soundtrack 🙂

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  9. Did you like the Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn version?

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    • I haven’t seen that one!


      • So….it is interesting. I remember watching that movie and thinking some of the story line is plain odd. I mean, really, it is not very nice the way little brother is a bit of a womanizer, the way young Sabrina is besotted with him, the way big brother goes about trying to split them up for the sake of the family fortune. But Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, William Holden and some other amazing characters are just so incredibly watchable. So when they took that same slightly odd story line and made a re-make of it….it was a little weird. It was the first time I realized that what made the original Sabrina work so well was the actors and actresses. But even though Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond are also very watchable are also watchable, they just could not pull off such an uncomfortable storyline. Some of the classics are really not worth remaking. It was the legendary actors that made them popular….the actual storylines are uncomfortable.

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      • Excellent point ~ I will make sure to watch the original 🙂

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